How to Change Safaricom WiFi Password

Are you looking for information on how to change the WiFi password on your Safaricom router? If yes, then we will show you how it’s done in this article. Safaricom is, without doubt, one of the leading names in the Telecommunications sector in Kenya. If you are one of the company’s internet customers, you may wish to change your WiFi password from time to time for security reasons. Below, we show you how to do a Safaricom WiFi password change. Click on the links below to jump to the appropriate section;

Steps to change WiFi password Safaricom Home Fibre

To change the WiFi password on your Safaricom router, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Turn on your computer and make sure that you are connected to the Safaricom WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Next, you need to open a browser on your computer.
  3. In your browser’s address bar, type in and press enter.
  4. You will now be taken to the login page for your Safaricom modem’s admin page. Log in using the default username and password.
  5. The default username for a Safaricom router is root.
  6. The default password for a Safaricom router is adminHW.
  7. You will now be taken into your router’s Admin page. Here, you need to head over to WLan.
  8. From there, go to WPA PresharedKey. This is where you change your Safaricom WiFi password.
  9. Save your changes when done.
  10. To finish off, you will now need to log in all your devices using your new WiFi password.

Tips for changing your Safaricom WiFi Password

Safaricom’s customer base for its Home Fibre offering in Kenya now approaches 50 thousand. It’s, therefore, inevitable that some of these people will have challenges when it comes to changing their WiFi passwords. Part of the issue is the fact that with such a big network, operators are forced to use hardware from different manufacturers. This is something that happens all over the world. There are probably thousands of router manufacturers out there. The trouble emerges because there is no standardized way of changing WiFi passwords. So, you will notice that there are slight differences in the way to do it.

One thing that we have discovered while producing content for this series is that if you know how to change the WiFi password on one modem, you wont have any issues doing it on others. If you think we are exaggerating, just check our post on how to change WiFi passwords for Shaw in Canada. We also have another article sur Comment Changer Clé de Sécurité WiFi Orange. You will notice that there are not that many differences in the process. However, for beginners, getting there can be rather daunting. That’s the reason why we have produced this section. We want to teach Kenyans how to change WiFi passwords, not only for Safaricom, but for any router.

What you need to change your Safaricom WiFi password

We have already shown you how to change Safaricom WiFi password. Here, we are going to go over the things that you need in order to successfully complete the process. As already noted, this information will be applicable for any modem or router that’s out there. In order to change the WiFi password on your router, you need to have the following;

  • You need to have the default username.
  • You also need the default password.
  • Also needed is the default I.P address.

All the information that you need is on a sticker on your router

With this information, you should be able to change your WiFi password for Safaricom and for any router. But where do you get this information? Well, the good news is that all this information is already there on your fingertips. If you look underneath or behind your router, you will notice that there is a sticker there that contains all the required information. So, before Googling, know that you have every bit of information that you need already.

If you have forgotten your password, you can do a router reset

In most instances, you are advised to first change your router’s admin password before proceeding with your Safaricom WiFi password change. This is something that we also advise. Default usernames and passwords are quite well known, making it easy for someone with a little bit of initiative to lock you out of your own network.

However, what sometimes happens is that people change their Safaricom router passwords, only to forget what their passwords are. That’s because the admin password is hardly ever used. So, it’s very easy to forget. So, what do you do should this happen to you?

Well, the good news is that you can do a router pinhole reset if you have forgotten your password. Doing this sets everything back to the defaults. You will then be able to log in using the default username and password that are on the sticker that we talked about in the above section.

Use Command Prompt to find what the default I.P address is

One of the things that we noted you need in order to change your Safaricom WiFi password is the default I.P address for your Safaricom Home Fibre WiFi. You are likely to find this on the sticker underneath or behind your router. However, for the sake of learning, we will teach you how to find the default I.P for any modem via Command Prompt. To do it, you need to take the following steps;

  • Connect your computer to your Safaricom WiFi.
  • Open command prompt on your computer by searching for cmd.
  • In command prompt, type in ipconfig and press enter.
  • The default I.P address for your router is the Default Gateway.

Remember to choose a strong password for your Safaricom WiFi

Kenyans are some of the most creative people in Africa as far as technology is concerned. As an example, the country was the pioneer as far as mobile money transfers on the continent are concerned. So, there is no shortage of creative people in the country. It’s probably not surprising, therefore, that people in Kenya are actively looking to hack their neighbors WiFi. Yes, you heard that right. People use their creativity for rather surprising things.

To be fair, “how to hack my neighbor’s WiFi” is a popular keyword across the world. However Kenyans appear to have upped the ante. Anyway, you need to have a strong password to protect yourself. Otherwise you will end up sharing your Safaricom Fibre WiFi with your neighbors. The following tips should help you come up with a strong password;

  • Your password should be over 10 characters long. That way, it will be difficult for enterprising Kenyans to break in.
  • Use both upper and lower cases in your password. Again, doing this makes it difficult for people to break in.
  • Also use special characters such as *&$^@% and ! in your password. Doing this makes it difficult to guess what your password is.

Consider hiding your Safaricom WiFi network

One of the things that we advise to Safaricom Home Fiber customers is that they should hide their WiFi networks. That’s part of the process of securing your connection. If your neighbors do not know that you have WiFi in your home, they are not going to try to hack into your network.

Why Change WiFi Password Safaricom?

If you are wondering why you should bother learning how to change Safaricom WiFi password, then you should read this section. We have already alluded to some of the reasons for going through the process. We are going to take a brief look at them one more time here;

Do a Safaricom WiFi password change to keep annoying neighbors out

One of the things that happen the moment your neighbors realize that you now have Safaricom Home Fibre in your home is that they suddenly become very friendly. To be fair, people in Africa are usually very friendly. They like to share. People share airtime and many other things. However, sharing your WiFi with your neighbors is not such a  good idea. The first thing that they do should you give them your password is to go to YouTube to watch videos of Anne Kansiime doing her tricks.

Never mind the fact that you gave them the password after they had practically begged you with some sad story. The moment people get access to other people’s WiFi passwords, they become devils of downloading nonsense on YouTube. It’s like they think YouTube is going to be closed or something….

We have already covered one interesting fact; people out there are actively trying to hack their neighbors’ WiFi. Hopefully, that won’t happen to you because you will be having a strong password. However, should you discover that your data is no longer lasting as long as it should or that your download speeds have drastically fallen, then you can be sure that there are some people who have gained access to your WiFi. That’s a clear sign that you should learn how to change WiFi password Safaricom.

Change your Safaricom WiFi password to protect against hackers.

This is another reason why you should learn how to change WiFi password Safaricom. Neighbors are annoying, but you can usually threaten them into leaving you along. Unless they are rather big, of course. However, hackers are another matter altogether. They are probably not even in Kenya. I mean, it’s better to have your WiFi stolen by someone in Kenya who you know is your brother or sister, right?

But hackers are in Ukraine, in the United States and in other countries. Now, that’s unfair. They are not even after your data. What they want are your banking and other details. With these, they can quickly and easily start spending your money on your behalf. So, it’s a good idea to change your Safaricom WiFi password ever now and then to make sure that nobody is able to steal your information by hijacking your modem.

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