How to Block Please Call Me on MTN South Africa

Are you looking for information on how to block certain numbers from sending you please call me backs on MTN South Africa? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The ability to send call backs can be a life saver. All the major networks in South Africa have this feature. We have previously written on how to send MTN call backs. However, this feature is often abused. Some people out there will send you a please call simply because they think you are loaded and they do not want to buy airtime. If people have been bothering you with please call mes, the good news is that you can stop them from doing this on MTN.

How to Block Call Backs on MTN

To block a certain number from sending you a please call me on MTN South Africa, you need to take the following steps;

  1. On your phone, dial *121*2#.
  2. Choose option 1 (enter barring).
  3. Type in the number that you wish to stop from being able to send you callbacks.

Why would you use this feature?

We have already provided some of the reasons why you may end up looking at how to block call backs on MTN in South Africa. This feature is useful when you are stranded with no airtime. We have previously written on how to borrow airtime on MTN and how to transfer MTN airtime.

Call backs are another option in case you have run out of airtime. In that case, you can simply send one to friends and family to have them call you back. However, some people out there abuse this feature. They will send you call backs even if they have enough airtime in their phones. If they think you are rich, then you are in trouble.

In that case, you may be forced to block these people’s numbers. The MTN facility does not allow for the complete blocking of all call backs. That feature is available with Telkom. With MTN, you can only block call backs on individual numbers.

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