How to Check Own Number on Vodacom

Do you wish to learn how to check your own number on Vodacom? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Vodacom is the biggest mobile communications company in South Africa. It currently has over 43.2 million customers. And more people continue to join the network on a daily basis. If you are one of these new arrivals, or if you are just forgetful, you may be looking for the USSD code to check what your own Vodacom number is. We give you the necessary information below;

Vodacom Own Number Check

To check what your Vodacom number is, you need take the following steps;

  1. On your phone, dial *135*501#.
  2. Your number will appear on your phone’s screen.
  3. You can also see what your Vodacom number is by logging into My Vodacom.
  4. Finally, you can use the My Vodacom App to find out what your number is.

Vodacom USSD own number

The Vodacom USSD to check your own number is *135*501#.

See your own number by sending a please call

We have previously shown you how to send a please call me back on Vodacom. That’s another way that you can use to see what your own number is. Simply send a please call to somebody nearby. They will receive a message that such and such a number is asking them to call. Also check out our article on how to transfer airtime on Vodacom.

Why would you wish to see your own Vodacom number?

There are a couple of instances where you could find yourself having to check to see what your Vodacom number is. Some people are just forgetful, as mentioned earlier. It takes them a long time to memorize numbers. It you are one of these people, then you will be happy to know that there is a quick and easy way for you to check what your number is.

Most people search in Google for; “Vodacom USSD own number” because they have just purchased their Vodacom SIMs. It can take some time for you to memorize your number. So, you will be in need of the USSD code to quickly retrieve the number. Once it has been displayed on your screen, you can give it to whoever you wish to give it to.

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