Dropbox behaving like a virus

I have been using Dropbox for a while, but today, I have to say I was forced to uninstall the program. Indeed, Dropbox is a program that I have previously waxed lyrical about, but today, it brought me to the end of the tether. See, Dropbox has one major problem; it completely ignores all the data saving settings that come with Windows 10. As a result, I have just lost 250 megabytes of precious data on some update that could easily have waited till I was connected to an un-metered network. So, why is Dropbox ignoring Windows 10 Data Saving Settings?

Metered Network In Windows

One of the things that you can do to Save data in Windows 10 is to set some WiFi networks as metered. This is something that I show you how to do in the article in the above link. In any case, I sometimes connect to the internet on my laptop using my Google Nexus 7 tablet. The thing has LTE, which makes for a very fast connection.

Now, I have the WiFi network from my Nexus 7 set as metered on my Windows 10 laptop, for the simple reason that I only ever buy 250 megabytes data bundles on it.

Dropbox Ignores Data Saving Features

The major challenge is that Dropbox completely ignores this Windows 10 data saving feature. The result was that today, no sooner had I connected my laptop to the WiFi connection from my tablet, than Dropbox immediately began updating itself. I mean, support for metered connections is something that Dropbox users have been requesting for several years. However, nothing appears to have been done ever since.

An ongoing problem

That’s really frustrating, considering that I wasn’t working on any of the files that are in my Dropbox folder.  And this is the second time that Dropbox has actually gobbled up my precious data. So, due to this Dropbox ignoring Windows 10 Data Saving Settings problem, I have been forced to give up. I will now try out Onedrive or some other program. Maybe I will have better luck there.

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