Default Username and Password for MySQL

Are you looking for the default username and password for MySQL? If yes, then you have come to the right place. MySQL is probably the best known database management system in the world. In this article, we give you the MySQL default password and username. You can find the relevant information in the table below.

MySQL Default Login Details

The default username and password for MySQL is root, while there is no default password, meaning you will have to leave the field empty. On some applications using MySQL, such as MAMP, both the default MySQL username and password are root. The table below shows you the default MySQL admin login details;

ApplicationDefault UsernameDefault Password
MySQLrootno password

I have forgotten the MySQL default password

As noted, the MySQL password is, by default, blank. That means you will type in the username which is root and leave the password space blank. However, what sometimes happens is that some people will set an admin password for MySQL. Many of these people then go on to forget their new passwords.

So, what do you do in that case? What do you do in the event that you have forgotten your MySQL default password? Well, the good news is that you can do a MySQL password reset. The following is how to do it;

  • Stop your MySQL Sever from running. You can stop it in Task Manager.
  • Open Notepad on your PC and type in the following; UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘MyNewPass’) WHERE User=’root’; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
  • Save the password in as mysql-init. It should now have the path; C:\mysql-init.txt. You need admin privileges to save this file in C. A workaround is to first save the file in Documents or on your Desktop. Next, copy the txt file and paste it into C. You will be told that you need to provide admin permissions to copy this folder. Click on Continue and your file will be moved to C.
  • Open Run on your computer by simultaneously pressing on the Windows key plus R.
  • Type in cmd and press enter to open Command Prompt.
  • Start the MySQL server using the –init-file option; C:> C:\mysql\bin\mysqld-nt –init-file=C:\mysql-init.txt
  • Once you have successfully started your server, delete C:\mysql-init.txt.
  • Stop and restart the server the normal way.


Those are the MySQL default login details. In this article, we noted that MySQL is unparalleled as far as creating and managing databases is concerned. You may be looking for the default username and password for MySQL as part of the process of managing your database.

Hopefully, this information has been on use to you. You may also wish to check our article on APC Default Usernames and Passwords. Also check out our Kyocera Default Admin Username and Password 2021 article.

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