APC Default Username and Password Full List

Are you looking for the APC default username and password? If yes, then you have come to the right place. APC is probably the best known brand in power backup systems. If you have their equipment in your home or office, you may be looking for the default username and password for your UPS. We have compiled that information in the table below;

Default APC UPS Username and Password

The APC default username is usually apc, while the default password is also apc. On some devices, the username is device while the password is device or apc. Those are the login details that you can use to get into the admin section for your device. Below is a table giving you the complete list of APC usernames and passwords;

DeviceDefault UsernameDefault Password
9606 Smart Slotn/abackdoor
9606 Smart Slot(any)TENmanUFactOryPOWER
Call-UPS(none)(Device Serial Number)
PowerChute Bussiness EditionPingoUra
Share-UPS(none)(Device Serial Number)
Smart UPSapcapc
Smartups 3000apcapc
Smartups 5000apcapc
SNMP Adapterapcapc
UPS Network Management Card 2deviceapc
UPS Network Management Card 2readonlyapc
UPSes (Web/SNMP Mgmt Card)devicedevice
USV Network Management Cardn/aTENmanUFactOryPOWER

APC Smart UPS Default Username and Password

The APC Smart UPS default username is apc. The default APC Smart UPS password is also apc. Please use these details to log into your device’s backend. The APC Smart UPS 5000 username is apc, while the default password is also apc. The APC Smart 3000 default username is apc, while the default password is also apc.

APC Masterswitch default username and password

The default APC Masterswitch username is apc, while the default password is apc.

How to Reset your UPS’s Admin Password

You may have changed the admin password on your APC UPS. Some people do this, only to forget the new passwords. If that is the case, your only recourse will be to reset the password. But how do you do it? This tutorial shows you how to reset your APC admin password. The information applies specifically for APC Network Management Cards.

Why bother with a UPS

Most people think UPSes are only there to provide you with uninterrupted power. However, that is not their only functionality. Having a UPS is also a good way of protecting your equipment. These devices monitor the power that is going to your devices. They prevent surges from occurring. That’s important in terms of giving your equipment a long life.

In terms of UPSes, no other name is as well known as APC. The company has been in existence for decades. APC stands for American Power Conversion™ Corporation. The company was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007. The company’s APC brand is now referred to as APC by Schneider Electric.

So, if you are looking for a UPS, this is a company that you should take a look at. You may also be interested in learning the default Hikvision username and password. Hikvision is a manufacturer of video surveillance equipment. You may also be interested in the Kyocera Default Admin Username and Password 2021.

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