Kyocera Default Admin Username and Password 2021

Are you looking for the default username and password for your Kyocera device? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Kyocera is a leading manufacturer of printers, copiers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment. If you have a Kyocera printer in your home, you may be looking for the default admin username and password. In this article, we give you a full list of Kyocera login details.

Kyocera Default Login Username and Password

The Kyocera default username is usually the first 2 numbers on the model name followed by 00. As an example, the default username on the TASKalfa 552ci is 5500. By default, the password on Kyocera devices is the same as the username. So, in the case of the TASKalfa 552ci, the default password is also 5500. The table below shows a full list of the Kyocera default admin usernames and passwords. The table also shows the default Kyocera Command Center usernames and passwords.

ModelDefault UsernameDefault PasswordCommand Center UsernameCommand Center Password
 TASKalfa 18118001800admin00
 TASKalfa 22122002200admin00
 TASKalfa 300i30003000admin00
 TASKalfa 420i42004200admin00
 TASKalfa 520i52005200admin00
 TASKalfa 62062006200admin00
 TASKalfa 82082008200admin00
 TASKalfa 3500i35003500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 4500i45004500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 5500i55005500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 6500i65006500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 8000i80008000AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 250ci25002500admin00
 TASKalfa 300ci30003000admin00
 TASKalfa 400ci40004000admin00
 TASKalfa 500ci50005000admin00
 TASKalfa 552ci55005500admin00
 TASKalfa 2550ci25002500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 3050ci30003000AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 3550ci35003500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 4550ci45004500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 5550ci55005500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 6550ci65006500AdminAdmin
 TASKalfa 7550ci80008000AdminAdmin

Why Look for the Kyocera Default Printer Password

Hopefully, you will have found your Kyocera default username and password in the table above. But why would you look for this information? Why look for the Kyocera default printer password? Well, default login details for Kyocera can come in handy in the event that you wish to perform some action in the back-end that requires a username and password.

What’s the Kyocera Command Center?

You will have noticed from the above information that some Kyocera devices have 2 login details. First, there are the normal admin login details. Then there are Command Center login details. The Command Center gives you access to your device via a web interface. Through this interface, you can carry out the following operations;

  • View toner availability
  • Change paper handling options
  • Edit the status of your device
  • Download drivers

How do I access the Command Center?

You can access the Kyocera Command center by typing the IP address for your device into address bar of your browser. You can user Internet Explorer or any other default browser on your computer.

Hopefully, this information has been useful. You may also be interested in the Hikvision default username and password. We also have an article on the Fortigate default username and password.

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