Fortigate Default Username and Password

Are you looking for the Fortigate default username and password? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Fortigate firewalls are manufactured by Fortinet, one of the foremost manufacturers of internet security hardware in the United States. If you have a Fortigate firewall in your home or office, you may be looking for the default login details. In this article, we show you the default usernames and passwords for Fortigate firewalls as well as for Fortinet routers and other equipment;

Default Username and Password for Fortinet Fortigate Routers and Firewalls

The default username for Fortinet Fortigate routers and firewalls is usually admin, while the default password is usually left blank (no password). With this information, you should be able to log into your Fortinet equipment to carry out whatever changes you wish to make.

ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
FortiGate 300Aadmin[no password]
FortiGate firewalladmin[no password]
FortiGatemaintainerpbcpbn (add serial number)
FortiGateadmin[no password]
FortiGate-50Badmin[no password]
FortiGate-60 ADSLadmin[no password]
FortiGate-60admin[no password]
FortiGate-60Badmin[no password]
FortiWifi-50Badmin[no password]
FortiWifi-60Badmin[no password]
FortiAP-112B (FAP-112B)admin[no password]
FortiAP-14C (FAP-14C)admin[no password]

You should change your Fortinet router password?

With Regard to Fortinet routers, it’s advisable to change the default password to something more secure. As you can see, the default fortigate default username and password is commonly known.

It means any determined person can break into your system. So, you need to change the Fortinet default username and password to protect yourself. Make sure that you write the new password somewhere.

I have forgotten my new Fortinet admin password

It’s important to write down the new password somewhere. Some people change their Fortinet router passwords, only to forget the new passwords. What do you do in that case?

Well, the good news is that the scenario that we have just described is not really a calamity. You can recover by simply doing a reset of your Fortinet router. Look for a reset button somewhere on the device. It’s usually at the back.

Once you have found it, do a reset by pressing on it for at least 10 seconds. Sometimes you need a pointed object to reach the recessed reset button. After resetting the piece of equipment, you will be able to login using the default Fortinet Fortigate username and password given above.

How to Reset a Fortigate Firewall to Defaults

In the first part of this article, we gave the Fortigate default username and password. In the preceding section, we were looking at Fortinet routers and how to reset them. If you have a Fortigate firewall, you may also be looking to reset that piece of equipment to factory defaults.

Doing so removes all the changes that you may have made to the firewall’s configuration. You may be looking to do this if you have been encountering issues with your piece of equipment. So, how do you reset a Fortigate?

  • Use your web browser to get into the system.
  • Go to System
  • Next, go to Dashboard
  • Now to to Status
  • Click on Restore Factory Default
  • The system will automatically be rebooted.

What happens after the reset?

After the reset, you should be able to get into your system using the default Fortigate username and password. You can find these details above.

Hope this information has bee useful to you. You may also be looking for the default netgear username and password. Also check out our article on whether or not it’s prudent to have a VPN on a router.

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