Should I Use A VPN On My Router?

Should I use a VPN on my router? That’s a question that many people out there ask themselves. The quick answer to that is YES, a VPN should be used on every router. All the devices in your home of office get connected to the internet via a router or modem. The VPN-via-router setup offers protection to your network. Using a VPN on your router ensures that your personal data is kept safe from unauthorized persons. If you are a privacy-conscious user of the internet, then having a VPN on your router is absolutely essential.

What’s a VPN?

VPN is the acronym for a Virtual Private Network. VPN’s are useful services that aid in maintaining your privacy when online; that is why you have to connect to your VPN home router for security purposes.  If you have been asking, “should I use a VPN on my router?” the answer is yes because it is the best way to support all platforms in every device you have when accessing the internet. Adding a VPN to your set up is the only way to protect your entire network when connecting to the internet.

Reasons for using a VPN on your router;

The following are some of the reasons why you should use a VPN on your router or modem;

Wide network security

Having a VPN on a router acts as a firewall on your network that offers protection against malicious data or unauthorized users. A VPN monitors incoming and outgoing traffic to guide against data that can harm your network.  The moment you connect a VPN to your modem, you will get automatic encryption to your entire system. This goes a long way in protecting your network from cyber-attacks and malicious software.


This is the primary reason you should use a VPN on your modem; because it offers automatic protection. That means you will not have to worry about your network being attacked or your information siphoned by hackers. When a VPN service is connected to your router, the service is automatically connected, meaning it starts working right away. This is not a minor benefit because if your data is not protected, you can risk a lot, such as your personal information and everything in your network.

Having a VPN prevents WiFi poaching

When you have Wi-Fi, you may find individuals who want to use your Wi-Fi without your permission. This is where a VPN comes in because once you connect it to your router, no one can access your Wi-Fi. Your network will remain guarded against Wi-Fi poachers, meaning no one will use your wireless network without passing through you first.

This is an effective method of keeping intruders off your Wi-Fi, which is a better method compared to the use of complicated passwords. However, even with such a complicated password, cybercriminals can still access your network; that is why you need to use VPN. It automatically encrypts your network such that no one can have access to keep you safe at all times.

VPNs can be used on all platforms

What makes VPN outstanding is it can be used on all platforms meaning everything you have will be covered. You will notice that most VPNs are compatible with various platforms like Mac and Windows that offer reliability on all your devices. VPNs are compatible with most operating systems; however, to ensure some devices are not limited, do not use separate VPNs for various devices.

VPNs allow you to bypass restrictions

When a VPN router is connected to your network, you will be able to bypass any restrictions you meet while browsing on the internet. You will notice how some countries impose restrictions on various contents and apps; that is where a VPN comes in because every restriction will be unblocked once connected to the router. That will give you access to everything you require online, enabling you to view any content you need.

VPNs are convenient

You will love using a VPN on your router because of its convenience. What is required is a one-time setup, and you are good to go. The minute the VPN is connected to your router, it commences protection right away, delivering accurate results. It offers reliability by allowing you to make use of the internet without any challenges.

You will also find it simple to use, for it does not require any software installation or involve challenging connection options. A VPN is not an afterthought because it has been designed to ensure easy and secure service all the way.

Remote connection

Many people are not aware that when a VPN is connected to your router, you will have access to your home network remotely. This means you can access your home network from any location quickly without any challenges. It does not matter your location anywhere in the world; you can still have access to your home network. This does not expose your home network to unauthorized users because many may think that accessing your network remotely can make other people access your network too.

Final thought

When you purchase a router, you may ask, should I use a VPN on my router? This question will pop up mainly because you have no idea how beneficial a VPN is to your network. Indeed it is vital to connect a VPN to your router because it secures your network from unauthorized users.

A VPN ensures that all your devices are connected while offering speed reliably round the clock. Setting up a VPN on your router is not challenging, as you may think; hence you should not be afraid to use it. You should note that a VPN on your router is the guaranteed way to ensure our entire network is encrypted for protection purposes.

And if you are worried about the safety of VPNs, read the article in the provided link to find out more.

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