How to Check RICA Status MTN South Africa

Are you wondering how to check your RICA status on MTN? If yes, then you should read this short article. Every SIM card in South Africa must be registered according to the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act (RICA). We have previously shown you how to RICA your MTN SIM. But if you are not sure whether or not your SIM has already been registered, you may wish to check its status first. The following is how to do it;

Check RICA Status MTN via USSD

The good news is that you can quickly and easily see your MTN South Africa SIM’s registration status using USSD. To check your MTN RICA status, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Dial *135*4#.
  2. You will get a message indicating whether or not your number is registered according to RICA requirements.
  3. You can also check your MTN RICA status online.
  4. Simply type in your number and you will be told whether or not your SIM is registered.

Why go through the process?

As already noted, registration of SIM cards is mandatory in South Africa. It’s done to make sure that SIMs that are used to commit crimes, or those that are present when a crime is being committed, can be tracked. In fact, RICA is not limited to tracking.

The ACT actually gives the government the leeway to intercept communications. It means they can be the man in the middle as you make your calls. Or they can read your SMSes. However, this is not done willy-nilly. In order to intercept somebody’s communications, the government needs to get an order from a judge.

And they need to have valid reason for looking for that court order. So, you need not be worried about having your communications intercepted, unless you are involved in something criminal, of course. That’s it. That’s how to view your registration status for MTN South Africa. Leave a comment below if you have something to say.

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