Zyxel Router Default Admin Username and Password

Are you looking for the default username and password for you Zyxel router? If yes, then this article is for you. Taiwan base Zyxel is one of the biggest networking equipment manufacturers in the world. Their routers are used by a lot of big companies, including CenturyLink and Cincinnati Bell in the United States. If you have a Zyxel router in your home or office, you may be looking for the default login details. That’s the information that we provide you in this article.

Zyxel Router Default Admin Password

The default login username on most Zyxel routers is admin. The default password is 1234. The table below gives you a full list of Zyxel router admin usernames and passwords. It includes default login credentials for the latest Zyxel router models. Should your router not be listed below, or should you fail to log in for some reason, here is information on how to find the default login details for any router or modem.

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
AC 750admin1234
AC 1200admin1234
AC 2200admin1234
AC 2350admin1234
AC 2600admin1234
AX 6000admin1234
660H-61 blank1234 
AMG1202-T10Anone 1234 
C1000Zadmin on router label
C1100Zon bottom of router on bottom of router 
EQ-660Radmin 1234 
HS-100Wadmin admin 
IAD-P2602blank admin 
N 300admin1234
NBG-334Wnone 1234 
NBG-415Nadmin 1234 
NBG-416Nadmin 1234 
NBG-418Nadmin 1234 
NBG-419Nnone 1234 
NBG-4604admin 1234 
P 2601HNblank 1234 
P 2602Hblank 1234 
P 2602HWblank 1234 
P 2602HWTadmin blank 
P 2602Rblank 1234 
P 2812HNUadmin 1234 
P 320Wnone 1234 
P 324none1234 
P 330wadmin 1234 
P 330W EEadmin 1234 
P 334WTnone 1234 
P 335WT blankblank 
P 336Madmin 1234 
P 660 D1 RoHS1234 1234 
P 660 RT 1 v3sadmin 1234 
P 660H T1admin admin 
P 660H T31234 1234 
P 660HN F1Zblank/admin1234 
P 660HN T1Ablank/admin1234 
P 660HW D1none 1234 
P 660HW T1none admin 
P 660HW T31234 1234 
P 660R D1 blank1234 
P 660R ELNKadmin 1234 
P 660R F1blank1234 
P 660R T1admin 1234 
P 660RT2none 1234 
P 660RU T1admin 1234 
P 661H D1admin admin 
P 661HNU F1admin 1234 
P 661HW D1user 1234 
P 662H D1blank/admin1234 
P 870HN 51badmin 1234 
PK5000Zblank blank 
PK5001Zadmin unknown 
Prestige 2302Rblank/adminunknown 
Prestige 2602H 61noneadmin 
Prestige 2602H 61Cnone1234 
Prestige 2602HW 61blank admin 
Prestige 2602HWL 61blank admin 
Prestige 334none1234 
Prestige 600admin 1234 
Prestige 600HW T1admin 1234 
Prestige 623admin 1234 
Prestige 623 41admin 1234 
Prestige 623MEadmin 1234 
Prestige 623R A1admin 1234 
Prestige 623R T1admin 1234 
Prestige 645admin 1234 
Prestige 645R A1admin 1234 
Prestige 645R A2admin 1234 
Prestige 650admin 1234 
Prestige 650Hadmin 1234 
Prestige 650Radmin 1234 
Prestige 650R 31admin 1234 
Prestige 650R 33admin 1234 
Prestige 650R E1admin 1234 
Prestige 652admin 1234 
Prestige 652H 33 blank/admin1234 
Prestige 653HWIadmin 1234 
Prestige 660HW 61admin1234
Prestige 660HW T1admin admin 
Prestige 660HW T3admin 1234 
Prestige 660HW61admin 1234 
Prestige 660HW67admin 1234 
Prestige 660ME61admin 1234 
Prestige 660R 61 blank1234 
Prestige 660R 61C blank1234 
Prestige 660R 63 67C blank1234 
Prestige 660RU T1 blank1234 
Prestige 660RU T3admin admin 
Prestige 792Hadmin 1234 
Prestige 960webadmin 1234 
Prestige 964webadmin 1234 
Q1000Zblank blank 
RP314admin 1234 
SP 660none 1234 
VFG6005Nadmin 1234 
VMG3926 B10Aadmin 1234 
VMG8324 B10Aadmin 1234 
VMG8924 B10Aadmin password 
X 550admin 1234 
X650admin 1234 
ZyAIR B 2000none1234 
ZyAIR G 2000none1234 
ZyAIR G 2000 Plusnone1234 
ZyWall 1none1234 
ZyWall 10none1234 
ZyWall 100none1234 
ZyWALL 2 none1234 
ZyWall 2WEnone1234 
ZyWALL 35admin 1234 
Zywall 70none1234 
ZyWALL Z 70 UTMnone1234 

Zyxel amg1302-t11c default password

The Zyxel amg1302-t11c default password is 1234. It’s the same password that Zyxel uses on almost all of it’s routers. The username for the Zyxel amg1302-t11c is admin.

Zyxel router admin password not working? Here is the solution.

The table above contains Zyxel router default username and password for almost all routers that are out there. We noted that the Zyxel router admin password is mostly 1234. But what do you do in the event that these credentials fail to work?

First, let us take a look at what could cause the provided details to fail to work. It mostly has to do with the fact that people are advised to change their router passwords the first time that they log in. As you can see, there is not much variation in the password for logging into your Zyxel router.

It doesn’t matter what model you may have in your home or office. That’s all very well, but it can present a lot of challenges. For one thing, having the same router admin password opens you up to hacking. And it doesn’t have to be from professional hackers.

There have been a number of instances of people being locked out of their WiFi networks by cheeky neighbors. So, you need to change your router’s admin password the first time that you log in. That way, you won’t be exposed to hacking.

You will find the Zyxel router default admin username and password on the router label

Here is the thing, yo didn’t have to look high and low across the internet for the Zyxel router default admin password. That’s because the information that you were looking for was already very near you.

If you check on your Zyxel router, you will notice that there is a label on which is printed all the default login details. This applies for all routers. The label can be found underneath your router. Sometimes, the router label can be found on the back or on the side of the device.

But what information can be found on the router label? Well, the router label contains all the information that you need to log into the admin console for your Zyxel router.

First, there is the default IP address. Sometimes this is given as a web address. It’s the same thing. You need the default IP address in order to open the admin interface for your router.

Also on the router label is the default admin username for you Zyxel router. You will also find the Zyxel router admin password on the router label. There is other information on there, but that’s everything that you need to log into your router’s admin console.

Reset your router if you have already changed the Zyxel router default admin password

The major reason why you may be failing to log in using the default admin details given above could be if you have already changed your Zyxel router’s admin password. We have already noted that people do this for security reasons. But what do you do when you have forgotten you new Zyxel router admin password? Does it mean everything is lost?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to throw away your router. You can easily recover from this situation. All that you need to do is to do a router reset. If you check on the back of the router, you will notice that there is a reset button.

You need to press on this for at least 15 seconds. The lights on your router will cycle off and on. After your router has been reset, you should be able to log in using the default Zyxel router username and password.

Why look for the Zyxel router admin password?

Hopefully, you have found the Zyxel router default username and password in our list. Remember that Zyxel is constantly releasing new routers. The good news is that the default usernames and passwords on most Zyxel routers are almost the same across the board. So, you should not have difficult logging into your router’s admin console.

But why would you look to log in in the first place? Well, perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password. That’s one of the reasons why people look for the Zyxel router default admin username and password. Or maybe you wish to change your WiFi name.

There are plenty of other changes that can only be done from the admin section of your router. These include configuring your router so it works on whatever the network that you are on. And to log into your router’s admin section, you need to have the Zyxel router default login username and password.


In this article, we gave you the Zyxel router admin password. Hopefully, this article will help you log into the admin dashboard for your router. You may also be interested in the TP Link router default admin usernames and passwords. We also have an article on Huawei router default admin login details.

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