Security Tips to Prevent Fraud on your Bank Cards

The following security tips should help you maintain security on your bank cards at all times. There is really nothing that scares people more than losing their hard earned cash through fraud. Card cloning has recently reared it’s ugly head around the world and you should know how to protect yourself at all times. Know that thieves are on the lookout for the unwary, and you should follow the security tips given here to prevent fraud on your bank cards

How to bank safely

The following are some of the steps that you can take to prevent bank fraud;

  • Keep your PINS and Passwords to yourself all the time.
  • Don’t lose sight of your card as it is being swiped and get it back as quickly as possible after the swipe.
  • Always update the bank with your current Mobile number for delivery of SMS notifications.
  • Never give your card or bank account information to anyone.
  • Don’t help from strangers when you have problems with any of our product.
  • Do not subscribe to unknown websites on the Internet using your card.
  • Don’t give out your information over the phone unless the call is from a reputable company you know.
  • Always keep your personal information secure.
  • It you are traveling, activate your mobile for Roaming for delivery of SMS notifications whilst you are away.


I got these tips while registering for the FBC MasterCard on the bank’s portal. Most of them are rather commonsensical but I sense a degree of phobia in there. There is this fear, when it comes to Zimbabweans and South Africans, about having bank details stolen. As a result, very few people do internet banking or purchases. In fact, people almost always stay away from the internet when it comes to banking. Well, it’s their choice. Personally, I have been doing internet banking and buying stuff off the internet for years. I have never had problems. If you use common sense, you should be able to mostly prevent fraud on your bank cards. Also check out our articles on anti-malware to find out how you can protect yourself.

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