How many Books can the Kindle Paperwhite Hold?

Amazon released the latest version of the Paperwhite towards the end of the year 2018. This version of the  popular eBook reader comes with Bluetooth, enabling you to listen to music on your headphones. It is also waterproof, which should be useful to those that wish to read their books while lounging in the pool. So, what’s the number of books that can be put on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Storage capacity on the Kindle

Over the years, the Kindle has had varying amounts of storage, depending on the version. The Kindle 2017 version, which is the one that I use, comes with 4GB storage. The 2018 version of the Kindle, on the other hand, has an improved storage capacity of 8GB, of which 6GB is available to the user.

Do books take up much storage space?

Unlike movies and audio files, books do not really take up that much storage space. In fact, most of the eBooks that are on your Kindle device probably take up less than 1MB each of storage space. The biggest eBook that I have on mine takes up 5MB and that’s a six book boxed set.

Number of books that can be stored on a Kindle Paperwhite

So, how many eBooks can be store on a Kindle Paperwhite? The answer to that is; it’s going to depend on the version of the Paperwhite that you have.

If you have the 2017 version that comes with 4GB storage, you are going to be able to store about 4400 books. That is all going to depend, of course, on the size of the books.

If you have the 2018 version of the Paperwhite, you will be able to store around 8800 eBooks on your device. Now, that’s enough books to last you a lifetime.

Kindle gives you unlimited cloud storage

No one, in my view, is ever going to be able to use up all the storage space that’s available to them on a Kindle. However, should that happen, the good news is that each Kindle user has unlimited storage space on the Amazon cloud. You can, therefore, store all your books there, and retrieve them whenever you wish to read them.

Free storage on a Kindle by deleting read books

For my part, I use my Kindle Paperwhite rather than my tablet to read a wide range of novels. Now, unlike most users, I don’t actually keep any of the books that I have read. Indeed, I do this even with the movies that are on my computer. Once I am done with a book, I really see no need to keep it around on my device. So, I would probably get away with having as little as 500MB of storage space on my Kindle.                            

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