Worldremit Zimbabwe Rates

How much does it cost to send money to Zimbabwe using WorldRemit?

If you are looking to send money to friends and relatives in Zimbabwe via WorldRemit, this article shows you how much it is going to cost you for various amount. Needless to say here that a large number of Zimbabweans survive through the money that is sent back home from the Diaspora. So, what are the Worldremit charges for transferring money to Zimbabwe?

Send AmountFeesTotal to PayYour recipient gets
USD 10USD 4.99USD 14.99USD 10
USD 20USD 4.99USD 24.99USD 20
USD 30USD 4.99USD 34.99USD 30
USD 40USD 4.99USD 44.99USD 40
USD 50USD 4.99USD 54.99USD 50
USD 51USD 6.99USD 57.99USD 51
USD 60USD 6.99USD 66.99USD 60
USD 70USD 6.99USD 76.99USD 70
USD 80USD 6.99USD 86.99USD 80
USD 90USD 6.99USD 96.99USD 90
USD 100USD 6.99USD 106.99USD 100
USD 110USD 6.99USD 116.99USD 110
USD 150USD 6.99USD 156.99USD 150
USD 151USD 9.99USD 160.99USD 151
USD 160USD 9.99USD 169.99USD 160
USD 200USD 9.99USD 209.99USD 200
USD 201USD 11.99USD 212.99USD 201
USD 210USD 11.99USD 221.99USD 210
USD 300USD 11.99USD 311.99USD 300
USD 301USD 16.99USD 317.99USD 301
USD 310USD 16.99USD 326.99USD 310
USD 500USD 16.99USD 516.99USD 500
USD 501USD 19.99USD 520.99USD 501
USD 510USD 19.99USD 525.99USD 510
USD 600USD 19.99USD 619.99USD 600
USD 601USD 34.99USD 635.99USD 601
USD 610USD 34.99USD 644.99USD 610
USD 1000USD 34.99USD 1034.99USD 1000
USD 1001USD 44.99USD 1045.99USD 1001
USD 1500USD 44.99USD 1544.99USD 1500
USD 1501USD 49.99USD 1550.99USD 1501
USD 2000USD 49.99USD 2049.99USD 2000
USD 2001USD 25.00USD 2026.00USD 2001
USD 9000USD 25.00USD 9025.00USD 9000

Worldremit Fees for Sending Money to Zimbabwe Explained

The table above assumes that you wish to have your relatives in Zimbabwe collect cash from the bank. The alternatives are to have them receive the money that you send to Zimbabwe through Worldremit into their bank accounts, or to have them receive the money into their Ecocash accounts.

Cash is the Obvious Choice

When it comes to sending money to Zimbabwe using World Remit, having family and friends collect cash United States Dollars is the obvious choice. For one thing, the black market rate for the virtual money that’s used in Zimbabwe has continued to fall, with reports indicating that 100 United States dollars will now buy you 200 virtual dollars.

Having the money that you send to Zimbabwe through Worldremit deposited into your relatives’ accounts effectively means, therefore, that you will be losing half the value per transaction. That’s clearly not an option.

WorldRemit Charges

The fortunate part is that cash United States Dollars are still available in Zimbabwe. Now, back to Worldremit charges when sending money to Zimbabwe;

  1. The charge to transfer money to Zimbabwe via Worldremit from $0 to $50 is $4.99.
  2. From $51 to $150, Worldremit charges stand at $6.99.
  3. Wordremit charges $9.99 for transfers amounts from $151 to $200.
  4. From $201 to $300, Word Remit charges $11.99.
  5. From $301 to $500, the transfer fee for Worldremit is $16.99.
  6. The cost of sending  USD $501 to USD $600 to Zimbabwe via Worldremit is $19.99.
  7. If you want to send between $601 and $1000 using World Remit, the charge is $34.99.
  8. From $1001 to $1500, World Remit charges stand at $44.99.
  9. The Worldremit charge for sending money to Zimbabwe ranging from $1501 to $2000 is $49.99.
  10. From $2001 to $9000, the Worldremit fee for transferring money to Zimbabwe falls back to $25.

What’s the maximum amount that can be sent to Zimbabwe using World Remit?

The Maximum amount that you can transfer to Zimbabwe using World Remit stands at $9000.

Is Worldremit Cheap?

WorldRemit is definitely an affordable way through which you can send money to your relatives in Zimbabwe. Note that the charges in the table above may be slightly different, depending on the country from which the money is being transferred. In the above example, we used the United States as the country from which the money was coming.

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