Post Office Broadband Router Username and Password List

What’s the Post Office Broadband router username and password? Post Office is an iconic company in the United Kingdom. It’s broadband component has over half a million customers. There are times when these people are required to get the login information for their Post Office Broadband routers. Below, we give you the Post Office Broadband router username and password. Please note that Post Office Broadband has now been sold to Shell Energy.

Post Office Broadband Router Login Details

The Post Office Broadband router login username is, in most instances, admin. On the majority of routers, the default password is 1234. Post Office Broadband mainly uses Zyxel routers. These all have the same default login details. Below is a full list of usernames and passwords for Post Office Broadband routers;

Router TypeDefault UsernameDefault Password
Zyxel AMG1302-T11Cadmin1234
Zyxel VMG3925-B10Badmin1234
Zyxel VMG1312admin1234
Zyxel VMG8924admin1234
Netgear DM111PSPadminpassword

How to Log into your Post Office Broadband Router

Above is the complete Post Office Broadband router login information. You are probably looking for the Post Office Broadband router password because you wish to get into the configuration page for your device. So, how do you log in? The following steps should guide you along the way;

  • First, you need to connect your computer to your Post Office Broadband internet.
  • Type into your computer’s browser and press enter.
  • Press enter and you will be taken to the login page for your device.
  • You can now use the admin username and password to log in.

What if the default Post Office Broadband modem settings do not work?

The Post office broadband default password will only work if you have not already changed it. The first time that people log into their routers, it’s advisable for you to change your default password. Most people do this. But they soon forget their new passwords. That presents challenges the next time that they wish to log into their devices. So, what’s the correct course of action should things turn out this way?

You will have very pleased to note that it’s easy enough to recover from this seeming calamity. The solution lies in resetting your Post Office Broadband router. Look on your router and you will see a pinhole reset button. Find something sharp and use that to press on the reset button.

You may need to push on the button for a minimum of 15 seconds, depending on the router that you have. That should reset the router. Once that is done, use the Post Office Broadband default modem settings to sign in.

Why try to find the Post Office Broadband Router Username and Password?

Those are the steps that you need to take if you wish to log into a Post Office broadband router. Now we take a look at the reasons for wanting to do so. You will discover that normally, people don’t need to log into their Post Office routers. But there are a few cases where you may be forced to do so.

One such case would be if you are looking to set a new WiFi password. In other cases, you may be trying to change the name of your WiFi network. In fact, you can carry out a lot of administrative tasks in your router’s admin area. Whatever you are looking to do, it can only be done if you have the Post Office Broadband default password to get in.


That’s our Post Office Broadband Router Username and Password List. If you are on Virgin Media, you may wish to know the Virgin Media router login information. For those with Huawei routers, try the Huawei router default login details. Hopefully, this information has been useful to you. If yes, please say something using the comments area below. Your encouragement is what keeps us going!

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