Difference Between the DSTV Explora and HD PVR Decoder

If you are looking for a DSTV decoder, then this is a question that you are likely to be confronted with at some point in time. What is the difference between the DSTV Explora and the DSTV HD Decoders? To begin with, let’s just say whatever the decoder that you end up choosing at the end of the day, you are very much on the right track. The world of television has moved so much that there is really no longer reason for anyone to opt for a standard definition decoders. Yes, HD Decoders from DSTV cost a bit more and you get to pay a little extra for HD viewing, but really, the experience that you get at the end of the day is amazing.

The DSTV explora

DSTV vs HD PVR Decoder

Here, in any case, are the differences between the DSTV Explora and the HD Decoders;

  1. The Explora can record more hours of television. Where the HD PVR decoder is limited to recording only 50 hours of HD TV, the Explora records up to 220 hours of television.
  2. The extra storage space allows you to record entire series on an Explora. Note that this is something that you can also do on any HD PVR decoder in standard definition.
  3. The DSTV Explora can be connected to the internet, a functionality that is not available on the HD PVR decoder.

Similarities between the DSTV Explora and the DSTV HD PRV decoder

To be honest, other than the differences in storage space, there are really not that many differences between the DSTV Explora and the DSTV HD PRV decoders. Indeed, there are many more similarities between the two types of decoder;

  • Both the DSTV Explora and the HD PRV can record live television.
  • They can both pause and rewind live television.
  • The DSTV Explora and the HD PRV both have high definition capabilities.
  • Both decoders are XtraView capable.
  • The Explora and the HD PVR both allow you to watch one TV channel while recording another.

Which DSTV Decoder is best for me?

If you are stuck between buying the DSTV Explora and the DSTV HD PRV decoders, this section will, hopefully, help you decide on the best decoder for your family. The thing to remember is that the Explora is the signature decoder, as far as DSTV is concerned. Turn on any channel, and you will find it being advertised.

It is also the decoder that gets advertised in newspapers and on the internet. What this simply means is that the DSTV Explora is the decoder that Multichoice wants people to buy.

It, therefore, offers the best in terms of features and future-proofing. Some of the decoders that are out there no longer come with support, including the SD PVR decoder. What you don’t want to do is buy a decoder that you will only have for a few months before having to make another purchase.

The DSTV Explora is the way to go

So, for those that are looking to decide between the HD PRV and the Explora, the latter is the way to go as far as your home entertainment is concerned. Though it’s great, DSTV clearly is no longer promoting the HD PVR and you do not want to be stuck with an obsolete decoder in the near future.

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