How to do a Telkom Sim Swap or Replacement

Are you looking to do a Telkom Sim Swap? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to show you how to quickly and easily do it. There are many reasons why you could be looking to do a SIM replacement for Telkom. We explore them in the last part of this article. But first, here is how to exchange your old or lost Telkom SIM for a new one;

SIM Swap Telkom Steps

To do a SIM Swap on Telkom, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to your nearest Telkom store. That’s where you can replace your Telkom Sim.
  2. Take along your I.D and proof of residence because you will need to RICA your new SIM.

How much does a Telkom SIM replacement cost?

If you are a Telkom prepaid or contract customer, then you can do a SIM swap free of charge. The fact that Telkom Sim replacements cost nothing should be great news to people. In the even that you need to replace a damaged or lost SIM, you simply need to walk into your nearest Telkom shop and it will be done without you having to pay anything. Other networks in South Africa and across Africa will charge something for the service.

How long does it take to do a Telkom SIM replacement?

A Telkom SIM Swap can be done in a matter of minutes. You are not going to have to wait or anything. Okay, so you may have to wait in a queue while other people are being served. But the entire process happens there and then.

Can I do it on my own?

You probably landed here because you were looking for information on how to do a SIM swap for Telkom on your own. That’s possible with other networks. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible for you to do so on Telkom. To swap your Telkom SIM, you actually need to visit your nearest Telkom store. You cannot do it on your own at home or in your office.

Why do a SIM swap on Telkom

In this article, we have shown you the process of replacing a lost or damaged Telkom Sim. You may call it a SIM swap Telkom to Telkom. That’s because you are not moving to another network. If you go through our site, you will come across other articles in which we talk about how to port from other networks to Telkom. An example is an article on how to switch from MTN to Telkom.

That process can be done from the comfort of your home. Things are bit different when it comes to doing a Telkom SIM replacement. Here, you need to go to your nearest Telkom shop. Fortunately, there are lot of dealers dotted all over South Africa. So, you probably wont have difficulty finding one. So, why would you do a Telkom SIM swap?

  • Maybe you have lost your phone and need to replace your Telkom SIM.
  • Perhaps you are looking to replaced a damaged Telkom SIM.


That’s how to do a Telkom SIM replacement. To get it done, you need to go to your nearest Telkom shop. Some people may think that this is rather uncalled for. While that may be true to a certain extent, the fact remains that even if you could do it on your own, you would still need to visit your nearest Telkom store to get a new SIM. So, while there, why not just get the entire process done? Meanwhile, here are Telkom’s contact number, in case you need to ask something.

28 thoughts on “How to do a Telkom Sim Swap or Replacement”

  1. I’m in Ladysmith and there is no telkom store and I really need to do my sim swap, but I have to travel to Newcastle to have it done which is going to cost me it’s really not efficient for me currently

  2. Good day I have lost my phone, I want to do a sim swap but the problem is that my telkom simcard was not riced by me. Please advise

    • You will need to get the person to whom the phone was registered to do it on your behalf. I don’t think they would accept your explanation, unfortunately. So, it’s either you get the person to do the SIM Swap, or you get a new number.

  3. I was help my friend my sim card because he was want to communicate with another but he was gonna northern Cape but problem he was not use it for six months now and he is talked that sim card is ready broken but I still my phone number because I was open hollywoodbet account in that number so what I can do to make sim swap ,pls helps me .

    • Okay, in that case you will need to replace the SIM. Go to your nearest Telkom shop and they should help you in no time at all. Unfortunately, Telkom doesn’t currently have a way of doing SIM swaps without visiting one of their dealers.

  4. Hi I m in Ladysmith ,I lost my contract phone and Newcastle is hundreds kilos away How telkom can help me without going to Newcastle

  5. Hello !I’ve got a problem here , I bought this telkom sim from a certain shop in jozi but now I’m in Rustenburg but I can’t find my sim . So I need to do sim swap but they need the very person who registered it but it’s now impossible to find him , plz help what can I do coz I’ve got a lot money in that sim plz plz help

  6. i just lost a pre ricard telkom simcard that i bought from a spaza shop can i be able to recover it, i bought it working already

  7. Hi i bought a registered sim card so i lost it … what should i have to do a sim swap seeing that the old sim is not registered on my name or id number?

    • Essentially, you are in for a tough time. Go to your nearest Telkom store and tell them what happened. They may help you. This issue is prevalent in South Africa. Hopefully Telkom will help you. You may have to really prove that you are the one who has been using this SIM. Otherwise, get a new SIM in your own name

  8. i was robbed my phone i went to telkom shop to do a sim swap i was told the process takes 3 to 7 working days.i Rica i used my passport now my passport expired and i cant go home to make a new one with boarders closed,how ever they did the process but i was told i might need to hv a new passport to get it,i have id of my country stuck as all my other work depends on that number from google account

  9. hi i lostttt my phone sand i want to do the sim swap but i bought the sim at a spaza shop so will they be able to help me at telkom stores

  10. Hi my SIM card was stolen but the problem is that I didn’t register it. Is there any other way I can do a sim swap? Cause i can surely answer questions proving I’ve been the one using it


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