Online Plagiarism Checkers are not Accurate

Plagiarism is an ongoing problem, particularly if you are a blog or website owner. One of the things that I have discovered in the short while in which I have been running this blog is that people are notoriously lazy. Instead of writing their own articles, all they want to do is copy things that […]

Current ZINARA Tollgate Fees: November 2020

The prevailing ZINARA tollgate fees have just been adjusted in November 2020! If you are looking to travel to some part of the country, the tollgate fees that are given in this article are the ones that are now prevailing. This information is useful in that it allows you to know exactly how many “Masaga”, […]

Everything about the Overdrive Button on a Toyota

I was reading the information that floating out there about the Overdrive button on most automatic transmission vehicles and it left me scratching your head. Have you ever encountered a situation where what somebody is saying is the exact opposite of what you know? That is what happened to me today. Apparently the internet does […]

How to write a blog post

A Rather Naive Goal I recently produced an article in which I talk about how I set a lofty new year’s resolution for myself. I had determined, while listening to the barking of baboons, that I would write a 100 blog posts in 15 days. So, did I succeed and what was the experience like? […]

How are used Japanese Cars Shipped Around the World?

The moment that you purchase a used Japanese vehicle, Be Forward, or any of the other companies that sell exjaps, begins the process of having it transported to your location. Let’s assume, as an example, that you are in Zimbabwe. How does the car get to you across so many miles of roiling ocean (more […]

Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in South Africa?

I have recently been contemplating moving to South Africa, not that I do not love my own country, Zimbabwe, but because Zimbabwe can be a painful place in which to live. Even if you have a job and your own money, there is something about Zimbabwe that’s pretty depressing. We seem to be stuck in […]

How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows 10

If you are like me, you probably spend hours each day with your eyes glued to your screen. For those that do this, staring at the same old screen becomes boring after a while. That is why you may be looking to change the desktop background on your Windows 10 computer? So, how do you […]

Checklist for Buying a Used Ex-Jap in Zimbabwe

Buying an Ex-Jap that has been abused on Zimbabwe’s roads by Zimbabwean drivers is something that we actively discourage. However, should you have decided to follow this route, instead of buying a “new,” car directly from Japan, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself. The first thing that you […]

How to Check if a Domain has been hit by Google Penalties

When it comes to the issue of Search, Google pretty much rules the roost. Though there are other Search engines out there, none have the kind of reach that Google has. Indeed, the very existence of most websites largely depends on their ability to remain visible to Google and other search engines. Occasionally, it so […]

How to buy ZESA Online Using Ecocash

ECOCASH, the mobile money offering from Econet, has proven to be a life saver for Zimbabwe. Today, instead of going to Wayne Street to buy ZESA, it is possible to do so via ECOCASH. What many people are not aware of is that there are actually 2 ways of buying ZESA using ECOCASH. So, what […]

Steps when Repatriating a Body from South Africa to Zimbabwe

What to do when your loved one passes away in South Africa Conservative estimates put the number of Zimbabweans in South Africa at over 3 million. If you live in Zimbabwe, chances are high that you have a friend, brother, sister or relative living and working down south. Zimbabwe’s neighbor to the West, Botswana, has […]

What do you do with a Kindle Paperwhite

If you have recently bought or gotten as a gift a Kindle Paperwhite, you may be wondering what to do with the device. To be frank, there are not many things that you can do with a Paperwhite, but that is the beauty of it! Forget about all that gimmickry that is typical of other […]

How to buy Econet Data Bundles

Mobile phone companies across the globe have a wide range of products that they use to… eh, try and squeeze as many dollars out of people’s pockets as is possible. Zimbabwe is not exception in this regard. With the proliferation of social media, many people in the country buy bundles that they use to stay […]

What is Organic Traffic? A definition of “Organic Traffic.”

Organic Traffic Definition The term Organic Traffic is one that is used a lot these days, particularly within the confines of Digital Marketing. Talk to Search Engine Optimization experts, as an example, and they are likely to tell you that organic traffic is what you should be angling for, as far as making your site […]

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