WordPress Introduces New Editor: Gutenberg

WordPress has announced the introduction of Gutenberg, a new editor that is set to completely revolutionize the way that you create and publish content on your blog or website. The major aim for the WordPress Gutenberg editor is to simplify the process of adding rich content. What’s more, the new WordPress editor is set to add to the fun adding content to your site.

What’s New in the Gutenberg Editor?

The major change, when it comes to WordPress’s new editor, is that the canvas on which you create your content is now composed of blocks. These pieces  of content can be moved around and interacted with in the same way that you move lego blocks.

Its all about blocks

The various blocks that make up your content light up as you move your cursor. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. You can move around these blocks of content using the arrows that show when you move your cursor to the left of your content.

Aim of the new WordPress Editor

There are several reasons why WordPress has decided to come up with and introduce the new, Gutenberg Editor;

  • To make the process of publishing content to a WordPress website richer
  • To make publishing content to your site enjoyable
  • WordPress wants to simply the process of publishing content.
  • To give publishers a much more interactive experience when creating content.
  • To allow content to be moved around quickly on the page.

The Text Block in the Gutenberg Editor

The text blog is the most basic element in the new Gutenberg editor from WordPress. Content in the text block can be left aligned, centered or right aligned.

… content in this block is right aligned.

….while content in this block is left aligned

…this content is centered


Heading, under the new WordPress Editor, constitute another type of block. Headings are mainly useful in that they help outline the structure of your content.

Gutenberg makes it easy to handle Pictures

One of the major aims of the new Gutenberg editor is to make it easy for publishers to handle images and media. With the new editor, the process of adding captions and resizing your images has never been simpler.

With the new editor from WordPress, you no longer have to worry about making mistakes in the selection and editing of your captions.

The Inserter Tool

The great thing about the new editor is that everything that WordPress  can do is made available to you in one place and on a single interface. with Gutenberg, you no longer need to worry about HTML tags, classes, or complicated shortcode syntax.

All this is made possible by the inserter—the (+) button that you will come across throughout the new WordPress editor.  The Inserter tool brings to you all available content blocks, thus enabling them to be added to your post.  The great thing is that Plugins and themes can register their own, which opens up an endless stream of possibilities, as far as rich editing and publishing are concerned.

Currently Available Inserter Options

  • Galleries
  • Images & Videos
  • Text and Headings
  • Embeds, such as YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts.
  • Layout blocks, such as Buttons, Hero Images, Separators, etc.
  • Lists

Visual Editing

One of the major benefits of using blocks as part of the new WordPress editor is that they allow you to directly manipulate content. Blocks can, in any case, be anything you need when creating your content.

The new WordPress editor is Media Rich

One of the major things that you will notice with regard to the new WordPress editor is that it is media rich. The aim is to make it easy for your to add and manipulate images, which is rather important, considering the fact that people naturally prefer media rich content. The following types of media can be added to your post;

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Gallery
  • Videos
  • Cover images


Above is an example of a Gallery. The amount of columns in the gallery can be changed by dragging the slider in the block inspector in your right sidebar.

How to I get Gutenberg

Gutenberg is currently available as a WordPress plugin. The interface is still under the development phase. Go ahead and install it, and to begin using the new offering.

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