Optimum Router Default Admin Username and Password

What’s the Optimum router admin username and password? Optimum is a major US ISP. They have a presence in television, internet, voice and mobile. When they sign up, Optimum customers get any of a number of routers from various manufacturers. What you get depends on the package that you are getting. Many Optimum customers find themselves having to log into their routers at some point in time. That can only be done using the Optimum router default login details. This post aims to give you all those details for routers being used by Optimum.

Optimum Router Default Login Details

The username on the majority of routers being used by Optimum is admin. Meanwhile, the default is mainly password. If you use the Optimum Smart Router, or any other Optimum provided modem or router, the default username and password are both admin. However, there are some Optimum customers who prefer to buy their own routers. That’s because Optimum charges a rental fee of about $10 per month. The option to rent a router is, therefore, rather costly. Anyway, are the Optimum router admin login details;

Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
Smart Routeradminadmin
Arris TM1602Aadminfind on router label
Arris TM822Aadminpassword
Arris TM804Gadminpassword
Asus RT-N12adminadmin
Asus RT-AC66U_B1adminadmin
Cisco DPC3212admin/ciscoadmin/cisco
D-Link AC1750none/adminnone/admin
D-Link DIR-822adminblank
D-Link DIR-880Lblankblank
D-Link DIR-868Ladminblank
Motorola MG7550adminmotorola
Motorola MG7540adminmotorola
Motorola SBV6220adminmotorola
Netgear CM700adminpassword
Netgear C7000adminpassword

What if the above Optimum router password and username do not work?

Those are the optimum router default login details. But what if the above information does not work. This could happen due to a number of factors. Maybe a technician, or even you, has already set new details for logging into your Optimum router. In that case, you won’t be able to reach your admin dashboard.

Or maybe you are using another type of router that’s not covered on our list. There are thousands of router brands out there, and companies use a wide variety. So, is there a solution for those who may find themselves not being able to sign into their Optimum routers using the data provided here? You have several remedies in this regard;

Find your router’s admin login details on the router label

Did you know that you didn’t actually need to come here for the Optimum router password? On almost all routers, the default admin login details are present on the router label.

That’s a sticker that’s either underneath or behind the device. Everything that’s needed for getting into the router’s admin section can be found on this label.

You will find the default Optimum router username and password on this label. The label also has the default IP or web address for your router. With this information, you will be able to get to the router’s admin page.

Reset your router

In some instances, you won’t be able to log into your Optimum router. But how does this happen? It happens when there have already been changes made to the Optimum router admin password.

A lot of people do this. Router passwords are usually the same, making it easy for nefarious characters to hack into your connection. So, it’s advisable to change your admin password from the defaults.

However, some do not bother writing down their new Optimum router passwords. They imagine the password is not very useful. That’s not the best approach.

It means you will not have access to the Optimum router’s admin section the next time around. But is there a solution for this? Is forgetting your password equal to effectively bricking your modem?

Fortunately, things are not that bad. You can still access your router’s admin section even if you have forgotten the admin details.

Resetting your Optimum router will do the trick. This is done using the reset button that’s present on any router. Once you have reset your router, you will have not trouble using the Optimum router username and password to log in.

Reasons for finding the Optimum Router Default Password

That’s the Optimum router default password. But is there a good reason for wanting to get this information? Why look for the default username and password for your Optimum router? For most people, the need never really arises. They remain on the defaults that they get with their systems.

However, there are instances where you could end up need the information that we are talking about here. It usually happens to those wanting to change their WiFi connections’ names. Sometimes, you may be looking to set a new password for your WiFi to confuse your neighbors. These and other actions require that you access your router’s admin page. Hence you need the Optimum router password and username.


\n\n\n\n The focus of this post was to give you a list of Optimum routers along with their default usernames and passwords. Are you on Viasat? Viasat customers will be interested in our Viasat router password article. You should also read our trending names for your WiFi network article. \n‘,

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