MSU ECOCASH Online Payment

Are you a student or parent of a student at the Midlands State University (MSU)? Are you looking for an easy way of paying fees to the Midlands State University via ECOCASH online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Instead of running around joining bank queues, you can easily Pay MSU Fees Online using ECOCASH. But how do you go about doing it? This article looks at how to make MSU ECOCASH online payments;

How to Pay MSU Fees Online using ECOCASH

In order to pay MSU fees online via ECOCASH, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to the Paynow Topup website
  2. Click on “Tuition Fees”
  3. Choose Midlands State University
  4. Enter your Student ID number
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to pay
  6. Type in your email address
  7. Enter you mobile number
  8. Click on “Proceed.”

Once your data has been verified, you will be able to choose the option to pay your fees via either ECOCASH or via ZIMSWITCH. The ECOCASH option is the easiest one, since you do not need to go through a rather cumbersome process of registration in order to get started. This is the option that I usually choose when making transactions via Paynow Topup.

What else can you do on the platform?

The Paynow Topup platform is a really revolutionary product that very few people have heard about. You can make a wide variety of payments on the platforms. You can, as an example, buy NetOne online using the platform. You can also use the platform to topup your Total Card.

And the good news is that all these payments can be settled using ECOCASH or 1MONEY! This is vastly convenient and could be a lifesaver if you need to buy airtime or pay your bills using the quickest possible way.  Anyway, leave a comment below if you wish to contribute to this article. We enjoy hearing from you and will try to reply to every comment. Otherwise, have a good day.

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