Maximum transfer amounts: Western Union vs Worldremit

If you are looking to transfer money to friends and family in Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa and any other country for that matter, you may be wondering how much you are allowed to send in one go. The table below shows the maximum allowed amounts when transferring money to Zimbabwe using Western Union and Worldremit. These are the most popular money transfer agencies that Zimbabweans have been using over the past few years. Here are the maximum transfer amounts for the three;

Maximum Transfer Amounts Explained

As you can see in the above table, the maximum transfer amounts differ between Western Union and Worldremit. Western Union allows you to send amounts of up to $5000. Worldremit, on the other hand, allows you to send amounts of up to $9000.

Worldremit is cheaper

One of the things that you will notice is that Worldremit is cheaper than Western Union. This is something on which we have previously dwelt in the post in the provided link. Where Western Union charges you $165 for its maximum amount of $5000, Worldremit charges you $25 for transfers of between $2000 and $9000.

Your relatives will get cash United States Dollars

One of the things that you are likely to be worried about when it comes to transferring money to Zimbabwe is on whether or not your relatives will get hard currency cash for the money that you send. This is something that we address in the provided article.

Any amount that is sent to Zimbabwe from the diaspora can be collected in cash from various outlets, including banks. And yes, the cash will be in hard currency. On top of that, your relatives will also get an incentive for the money that’s they receive from you.

Not many will reach the maximum amounts

The truth is that not many people will be worried about sending the maximum transfer amounts for both Western Union and Worldremit.

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