How to make $1000 through Google AdSense in the year 2020

Wondering how to make $1000 through Google AdSense in the year 2020? It’s the beginning of the year, yet bloggers around the world are still grappling with the question; “how can we make money online?” One of the tips that you are likely to come across in this regard is to use Google AdSense. Now, Google AdSense is both celebrated and maligned, and for good reason. If you run a popular blog; say a news website that draws tens of thousands of people on a daily basis, AdSense would actually be a good way through which you can get some side income.

AdSense won’t work if you don’t have the numbers

Now, unless you live in the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan, where they measure the Gross National Happiness and $10 is enough to last the entire month, then Google AdSense will not really work for you if your traffic is far and in-between. What do I mean by that? Well, here are a few numbers to get you thinking;

  • A blog that gets around 150 visitors per day generates around $10 PER MONTH via Google AdSense.
  • So, what this means is that to get $100 per month, you need 1500 visitors per day.
  • And to get $1000 per month, you need 15000 visitors per day.

AdSense is not for the impatient

As you can see, Google AdSense is not for the impatient. Truth of the matter is, most bloggers are never really going make meaningful buck via AdSense. What you need to do is to continue growing your audience and that’s not really easy. Take it from me! It takes time and a lot of patience.

Other Website Monetization Avenues for the year 2020

So, aside from Google AdSense, what else can you do to begin generating money over the internet during the course of the year 2020? Well, here are a few income generation tips;

  • Try affiliate marketing. Be on the lookout for programs that offer recurring income.
  • You may get something through link building. People are going to be looking for guest posting opportunities and you can charge them.
  • Some advertisers may approach you directly for marketing opportunities.

Grow, Grow, Grow

Again, the challenge is to make sure that you grow you blog. Everything else will come afterwards. And the best way of achieving growth is to keep writing..

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