Does Affiliate Marketing still Work in the Year ?

For most bloggers, affiliate marketing is the go to place as far as website monetization is concerned. That’s because it offers an enticing way through which people can generate passive income, thus allowing them to wallow on the beach while the money is rolling in. However, many of you will be wondering whether or not affiliate marketing is still a viable option during the course of the current year. So, does affiliate marketing still work as a blog monetization tool?

You are likely never going to make a living over the internet

The thing that attracts people to the world of online marketing is the prospect of generating enough money to be able to leave their boring day jobs. However, the reality of the matter is that you are likely never going to make a living over the internet.

Get rick quick schemes abound on the internet. Indeed, several success stories are peddled on a daily basis. Just look up the whole thing on Google, and you will discover tales of people who have made millions using their websites, including through affiliate marketing.

How much have we made through affiliate marketing?

The untold story is such as that of our own website. In the 2 years that we have been online we have only managed to generate a paltry $100 through affiliate marketing. We have even been expelled from Commission Junction and Amazon Associates because of low sales. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get back on both platforms.

And our story of $100 is actually that of success. There are plenty of people out there who never even manage to generate a single cent from their affiliate marketing ventures.

What’s the trick?

When it comes to affiliate marketing and generating money online, there is only one trick, getting as much traffic as is possible to your website. Of course, that is the hardest part. Our own traffic averages 150 readers every day. Increase that a hundredfold, and we would probably begin talking about making a really meaningful living over the internet.

Indeed, the paltry figures that we have only give us about $10 every month from AdSense. So, if your site is not popular, chances are high that affiliate marketing will not work for you during the course of the current year. However, should you manage to build a site that everyone will want to visit, then you can rest assured that affiliate marketing will work wonders for you. Then you can exfoliate on the beach while the money is rolling in.

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