Phishing Example 2: They now want me to contact some bank in Ouagadougou

A few hours ago I released, as an example of Phishing, a letter from one Mrs Biyu Fung Chi who was reportedly in a comma somewhere or the other, and wanted me to inherit the $5.5 million that her late husband had left in a bank in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. You can read the article that I wrote about the issue here

Stringing her along

  • For the sake of knowledge, and to see how far the con-men who are behind the scam will take their criminality, I decided to string them along by replying.
  • I must have sounded sufficiently gullible in my letter because here we are again, with another Phishing letter from Mrs Biyu Fung Chi. Now, she wants me to contact the bank in Burkina Faso, which I am going to do right now.
  • Who wants to bet that I will be asked to pay something or provide my own banking details before the night is over? Now, what name did I give myself in the previous letter?



Be careful with this message. Many people marked similar messages as phishing scams, so this might contain unsafe content.  Learn more


I thank you for your respond and your promise to help me to transfer this fund and to donate this fund to the charity as I instructed you in my previous mail, first of all remember we are talking about a big amount of money which isUSD$5.5 million U.S dollars, and I trust you that is why I contacted you on how to transfer the fund in your account to make useful of the fund as I instructed you, I ask for your personal information’s so that I will know you well as I have introduced myself very well for you, Almighty God will bless you and your family for your promise and your effort to help me to fulfill my heart desire, as I already told you about my situation here in the hospital is very difficult for me, and I will like you to contact the bank immediately regard the transfer of the money in your account, and also will advice you to keep everything about this transaction confidential until you receive this fund in your account, because I don’t want to loose my late husband fund in the hand of the bad people.

I have already inform the bank about you as my foreign partner that want to assist me to transfer my late husband fund in his account.

This is the contact of the bank below , you have to contact the bank immediately.

Attention: African Development Bank (ADB).
Director INTERNET banking,
Address: P.O.Box: 46175,
Service to the customer Tel: Tel:(226) 74312548
Fax:Fax +226 (+226) 204771 09
please don’t forget to notify me immediately you contact the bank so that I will know the next step to follow and I thank you for your personal information you sent to me.

Remember I have already informed the bank about you and you as my foreign partner you have to contact the bank immediately without more delay.

This is what you will write to the bank
………………………… ………………………


I’ ————–Nationality of————–Humbly hereby Putting Claim Over total funds of USD$5.5 million dollars, deposited to your bank by Late Dr Chi Thai from China Asia Continent.

Mrs Biyu Fung Chi is the legal next of kin to inherit the funds and she’s the wife of your deceased customer and I was appointed in proxy to act on her behalf over the transaction due to her present health condition in the hospital.

kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email. i will like you to take in consideration the below stated details to proceed for the transaction.

Below the deceased account details :
Account Holder: Dr Chi Thai
Account Number:  2183001412
Bank swift code: NWBKGB2L
Total Amount: USD$5.5 million U.S dollars,
Beneficiary: Mrs Biyu Fung Chi

My Name:………………………..

Yours faithful

I am waiting for your kind respond regard this transfer

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