Juniper Router Default Password and Username

Are you looking for the default password and username for your Juniper router? Juniper is one of the foremost manufacturers of enterprise networking equipment in the world. If you have their router in your home or office, there are times when it becomes necessary to log into the device. To do that, you are required to have the default Juniper networks router login details.

Default Login Details for Juniper Networks Routers

The most common username for Juniper routers is root, while the default password is usually blank (no password). On some models from the company, both the username and password are netscreen. The table below gives a full list of Juniper router models, along with their default admin usernames and passwords.

Juniper Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
ACX 2100rootblank
ACX 2200rootblank
ACX 4000rootblank
ACX 5000rootblank
Junos Spaceadminabc123
Junos Spacesuperjuniper123
MX 5rootblank
MX 10rootblank
MX 40rootblank
MX 80rootblank
MX 104rootblank
MX 150rootblank
MX 960rootblank
MX 2010rootblank
PTX 1000rootblank
PTX 3000rootblank
PTX 5000rootblank
PTX 10000rootblank
SSG 140netscreennetscreen
SSG 20netscreennetscreen
SSG 5netscreennetscreen

Juniper SRX Default Username and Password

The SRX series is one of the most popular router model from Juniper. Models within this series include the SRX 100 and the SRX 200. There is also the SRX 400.

The Juniper SRX default username is root, while the default password is usually blank. If these defaults have already been changed, keep reading this article to find out how you can get around that situation.

Juniper MX Default Username and Password

The MX series is another popular Juniper router model. The Juniper MX default password is usually blank. The default username is usually root.

I can’t fine my Juniper router model in the list

Our list is, by no means, exhaustive. Juniper Networks is a large company. They have many router and modem models under the belt. However, we gave the above table as a guideline. As you can see, routers within the same model usually have the same default login credentials.

The information does not work

It can happen that the information that we have given does not work. That can be for a number of reasons. The Juniper router default password and username for your particular device may have been changed.

Usually, when setting up your system, that’s a requirement. The sad thing is that most people then go on to forget their new Juniper router default passwords.

It’s something that we have previously discussed when talking about default Ericsson router passwords. Once you have forgotten your defaults, that becomes a problem.

Reset your router

When this happens, it becomes an issue because you will not be able to log into your router. So, what do you do in that case? Well, the solutions lies in resetting your router and then logging in using the defaults given above.

To reset your router, find the reset button on the Juniper router. Press on it till the lights on the device have turned off and on. Once your router has been reset, it becomes possible to log in using the Juniper router default password.

You can find login information on the router label

Most routers come with labels on which can be found all the login information that you are looking for. If you turn around your Juniper router, you will see what we are talking about.

On some models, you will be able to find the Juniper router default password on the label. With this information, you should now be able able to log in.

Why look for the Juniper router default password?

That\’s the Juniper router default password and username list. But why would you bother with this information. Well, for most people, getting into their routers’ admin sections is the last thing that they will ever seek to do.

However, you may encounter a situation where you need to change configuration on your Juniper router. Maybe you wish to change your WiFi name. Or maybe you wish to change your WiFi password.

All these changes can only happen from within your Juniper router’s admin console. Hence you are here looking for the Juniper router default password and username.


In this article, we focused on giving you the default login details for Juniper routers. We noted that the company manufacturers a wide range of routers under different models.

The login details can be found in the table above. If you are unable to log in because you have forgotten your router password, you may have to do a reset.

Once you have done that, it should become possible for you to log in using the default Juniper router login details given in this article.

Do you have a comment? Feel free to leave it in the appropriate section below. We love hearing from you! So, what are you waiting for? Also check out our article on how to log into an Xfinity router?

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