Is PayPal Available in Zimbabwe?

Can I Use PayPal in Zimbabwe?

This is a question that we asked often by our readers, so we have decided to be brutally honest when answering it. Is it possible for Zimbabweans to use PayPal? Can Zimbabweans receive money from relatives in the diaspora via PayPal? Is PayPal available in Zimbabwe? Here are the answers to that question;

Is PayPal Available in Zimbabwe?

The answer to the above question is, yes, PayPal is available in Zimbabwe. There are, however, certain conditions that make the whole experience rather limited. Zimbabwe was added to the list of countries for which PayPal is available a couple of years ago. The deed was done in June 2014 to be exact.

The Experience is Restricted

Thing is, Zimbabwe’s PayPal experience is rather restricted. In fact, some may say it is virtual nonexistent, all things being considered.

What do Zimbabweans Expect from PayPal?

With millions of Zimbabweans living abroad, the thing that people are looking for is a way through which remittances can be send to people back home. Indeed, a large chunk of the Zimbabwean population survives on money that they receive from friends and family in the diaspora.

Can Zimbabweans open PayPal accounts?

Yes, Zimbabweans can open PayPal Accounts. As mentioned earlier, Zimbabwe was added to a list of countries for which PayPal is available several years ago. The process itself is rather simple, so we are not going to go through that here. All that you need to do is go to the PayPal website and you can take it from there.

Why the full PayPal is unavailable in Zimbabwe

So, the answer to the question; “Is PayPal available in Zimbabwe,” the answer is yes. We have previously written an article in which we give the reasons why the full PayPal experience remains unavailable in Zimbabwe. Needless to say here is that PayPal blames the RBZ for the fiasco. Feel free to read the provided article for more.

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