How to Transfer Money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora

Let’s assume that you are in the United Kingdom, or even in Kyrgyzstan, and you wish to send money to relatives in Zimbabwe. How do you go about doing it? How do you send money to Zimbabwe from the diaspora? What are the best options when it comes to sending money to Zimbabwe from the diaspora? This article looks at how to transfer money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora.

Using Bus Drivers to Send Money to Zimbabwe From South Africa

One of the things that you will hear about Zimbabweans is that they are everywhere. However, of all the places to which they have spread their wings, South Africa has, without doubt, proven to be the biggest refuge for Zimbabweans.

Unofficial reports indicated that there are up to 3 million Zimbabweans living in South Africa. It’s hard, of course, to verify this surprising bit of statistic, for the simple reason that most Zimbabweans do not go the official way when it comes to moving to South Africa.

How do Zimbabweans Send Money Home from South Africa?

Bus drivers are a favorite way through which Zimbabweans transfer money to relatives back home from South Africa. The major advantage with this method is that it tends to be cheaper than using money transfer agents. The amount that you are going to end up paying to the bus driver or conductor is, of course, going to depend on your negotiating skills.

Is it safe?

The surprising thing is that this method of sending money to Zimbabwe from South Africa is actually very safe. Barring something happening to the bus itself, you are guaranteed that your money will get to your relatives in Zimbabwe.

One of the reasons why that is the case is, without doubt, the fact that the whole thing is so lucrative for the bus drivers themselves that they won’t do anything to jeopardize it. As a result, they make sure that whatever you sent from South Africa arrives where it is supposed to go without any additions or subtractions.

Using Money Transfer Agencies

This is another option when it comes to transferring money from the Diaspora to relatives in Zimbabwe. There are quite a large number of money transfer agencies that you can use when sending money to Zimbabwe from anywhere in the Diaspora. These include the following;

  • Western Union
  • World Remit
  • Mukuru
  • MoneyGram

Will my relatives get cash?

This has become a pertinent question over the past few months, as the country continues with its slide towards the good old days of money burning. Okay, it’s actually not that bad, but the fact of the matter is that Zimbabwe’s complicated money has been diverging over the past few months. One gets the feeling that pretty soon, 100 Cash USDs will be enough to get you 200 virtual dollars/bonds.

Now, to the question, will my relatives get cash for the money that I send to Zimbabwe using money transfer agencies, the answer is yes! In fact, having access to cash USDs will turn your relatives into kings, since they can now get double the amount by “burning,” the cash.

Giving the money to someone who is traveling to Zimbabwe

This is the third option when it comes to how to transfer Money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora. This option is widely used by people, particularly those that are in the United Kingdom. What happens is that you simply find a trusted person who is traveling to Zimbabwe from wherever, and you hand over the money for onward transmission to your relatives back home.

This option for sending money to Zimbabwe from the diaspora actually tends to be the cheapest, for the simple reason that you can do it absolutely for free of charge, depending on how close you are to the person who you are using. You do, however, have to be careful, because, temptation tends to be spring up whenever money is involved.

How to transfer money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora: The Best Option

That, in any case, is how to send Money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora. Whether you choose to go the bus driver, the friend, or the money transfer way is mostly going to depend on which, between the three, is the cheapest route. That’s all on how to transfer money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora. Feel free to follow this blog for more tips.

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