Can Zimbabweans Receive Money Through PayPal?

Zimbabweans Cannot Receive Money Through PayPal

With the country’s currency situation seemingly sliding south by the day, and those bad old days of burning slowly creeping back, the question; “Can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal?” is one that is being asked more and more often. The answer to the question, no, Zimbabweans cannot receive money into their PayPal accounts.

Zimbabweans can open PayPal Accounts

Yes, Zimbabweans can open PayPal Accounts, just like everyone else. The process is simple, and you can have it done in less than 30 minutes.

Zimbabweans can spend money online via PayPal

Zimbabweans can spend money online using PayPal. In order for you to do this, you first need to have your Zimbabwean bank card linked to PayPal. If your bank has a VISA or MasterCard card that still allows online purchases, then this is something that you can do.

Zimbabweans cannot receive money through PayPal

Sadly, spending is about all that Zimbabweans can do with regard to their PayPal accounts. Zimbabweans cannot receive money into their PayPal accounts. No matter what you do, if you are in Zimbabwe, you cannot receive money into your PayPal account. If you wish to receive payment for online work, you are better off looking for alternatives.

The one alternative that we are always recommending is Payoneer, though that now has its issues, including the fact that your card is, in Zimbabwe, treated like a local card, despite the fact that what’s in there are real, United States Dollars.

What Zimbabweans Want From PayPal

Thing is, Zimbabweans are not really looking to spend money when it comes to PayPal. What they are looking for is to be able to receive money from friends and family in the Diaspora. Unfortunately, Zimbabweans cannot receive money into their PayPal accounts from anywhere in the world.

The only way through which a Zimbabwean is going to be able to receive money via PayPal is if they are living in some other country. Otherwise, as we have already noted, all that they can do is spend money.

Linking Zimbabwean Bank Accounts to PayPal

This also answers the question on whether or not its possible for Zimbabweans to link their bank accounts to PayPal. The answer to that is no, Zimbabweans cannot link their bank accounts to PayPal.

Zimbabweans are only allowed to spend money using PayPal. They are not allowed to receive anything into their accounts. That is all unfair, but what can we say? Again, we emphasize that Zimbabweans can only spend money via PayPal. They cannot receive money in any way.

Why Zimbabweans can’t receive money via PayPal

A while back, we wrote an article in which we explained why Zimbabweans cannot use money to receive money from the diaspora. The long and short of it is that PayPal firmly puts the blame in the RBZ’s court, saying it’s up to the Zimbabwean central bank to make sure that it allows local banks to be linked to PayPal. Hopefully, we have answered the all important question, “can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal?”

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