IDNet Router Default Password and Username

Are you looking for the IDNet router default login password and username? IDNet is a small but vibrant ISP in the United Kingdom. If you check online, you will see that the company has been receiving highly favorable ratings from its clients. If you are one of them, you may be confronted with a situation where you need to log into the backend of your IDNet router. In order to achieve this goal, you need to have the default IDNet router login details.

IDNet Router Default Login Details

On most IDNet routers, the default username is admin, while the default password is also admin. The table below gives a complete list of IDNet approved routers and modems. We also provide a list of the admin login details for these routers and modems.

IDNet RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
ASUS RT-AX56Uadminadmin
ASUS DSL-AX82Uadminadmin
ASUS DSL-AC55Uadminadmin
Asus DSL-N16adminadmin
Asus ZenWifi XT8adminadmin
Asus ZenWifi XD4adminadmin
Asus ZenWifi XD4adminadmin
Comtrend 3030 Modemroot12345
TP-Link Archer VR600adminadmin
Tenda V300adminadmin
Tenda Nova MW6adminadmin

The router or modem that I have is not on the list

In the unlikely event that the router that you are using in your home or in your office is not on our list, what do you do? That sometimes happens. Every ISP has thousands of clients. And if one is talking about bigger players, the number runs into the millions.

ISPs also offer a wide variety of packages. Some offer Fibre, while others offer satellite broadband. Others offer mobile broadband. A lot of companies offer different products at once. It’s not surprising, therefore, that there are different types of equipment being used on the network.

Companies try to stay within a narrow range of approved equipment, but most allow their clients to bring their own equipment. As an example, Rogers customers in Canada can use their own routers.

Perhaps that is the case if you are unable to find your router or modem on our list. Or maybe you are using an older modem that’s no longer officially supported by IDNet, but that’s still very much working. So, what do you do if your router is not on our list?

Find your IDNet router’s login information on the router label

The good news is that manufacturers mostly do not leave you in a lurch, as far as login details for their modems and routers are concerned. In most instances, this information can be found on the router itself.

What you need to do is to look for the router label. That’s a sticker that can be found usually underneath the router. Sometimes, it will be on the back.

On this sticker will be information pertaining to how you can get into the admin section of your IDNet router. But what information is there exactly? Well, you can see an example of what we are talking about above. You can see that there is the router’s default web address. There is also the default username for the router. Finally, there is the default password.

If the information provided does not work, reset your router

The scenario given above is for those whose routers are not on our list. But what if the piece of equipment that you are using is actually on our list, but the information provided does not work?

Again, that’s something that can happen. It’s usually caused by the fact that people change their IDNet router login details the first time that they sign in. Some installers change the IDNet router password while setting up the system.

It’s actually a good idea to do that. But why? Well, as you can see, default router passwords are kind of common across the board. Check out these Huawei router login details. Admin is commonly the username and password.

That makes it easy for naughty people to hack into your router. We have come across some cases where people were locked out of their own networks by cheeky neighbors.

That’s an easy enough situation to remedy, and not really harmful, other than through the loss of data. But if real criminals (as opposed to criminal neighbors) get access to your router, they could soon be smiling all the way to your bank. Remember, we now do everything on our computers.

So, people change their Idnet router passwords. Unfortunately, many people do not bother to write their new Idnet router password and username down. That’s an issue, because you cannot log in without these details. So, what do you do? Fortunately, there is an answer.

All that you need to do is to reset your router. To do that, look for the rest button on the back of the device. Push on this for around 20 seconds. The time varies from modem to modem. You will see that something has happened because the device will turn off and on. After the reset, you will be able to use the Idnet password and username given above to log in.

Why look for the Idnet router password?

We will close this article by looking at the motivation. Why would anybody bother looking for the Idnet router password. In reality, most people never need to find this information. They use their internet and everything is fine. But there are times when you may need the Idnet modem login information.

Maybe you are trying to change your WiFi name. People like to do that. You may want to take a look at our funny WiFi names articles. The name of your connection can actually be a security measure. People start trying to hack into your network if they know who the network belongs to.

So, if you name your network “Get your own WiFi,” they won’t really try to get in using your children’s names and birthdays. Of course, you should never use these as your WiFi password. But if you have done so, or if you simply wish to change your password, that may be another reason for looking for the Idnet modem password and username.

To make these and other important changes, you need to have access to the admin section of your router. In order to log in using a web page, you need the default username and password. So, that’s the reason why you are here looking for the Idnet router password and username.

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