How to Watch DSTV on your Phone

Have you been wondering how to watch DSTV on your phone? Can you watch DSTV on your phone for free? Those are questions that many are asking around the continent. DSTV is, without doubt, the premier go to entertainment destination for millions of people in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and in other African countries. If you have been asking yourself, “how can I watch DSTV on my phone?” read the rest of this article;

How do I watch DSTV on my phone?

To watch DSTV on your phone, you need to do the following;

  1. First, you need to sign up for DSTV Now.
  2. Next, if you have an Android phone, you need to download the DSTV Now Android app.
  3. For those with Apple iOS devises, you are required to download the DSTV Now iOS app.
  4. Next, you need to open the app on your phone.
  5. Now you can sign into DSTV Now to access DSTV on your phone.

How do I watch DSTV on my phone for free?

This section is for freebee hunters. We have been asked, “how can I watch DSTV on my phone for free?” Such a thing is theoretically possible. DSTV allows up to 4 devices to be simultaneously connected at any given point in time.

What it means is that you can log into DSTV Now using your parent, brother, relative or colleague’s account.

However, there is a catch. You need to have serious data in your phone to enjoy DSTV Now on your phone. So, this solution is only possible if you have free internet. Otherwise you will have to pay even more than you would have done had you subscribed on your own.

Beware of the data charges

To meaningfully watch DSTV on a phone, you need to have a strong data plan. That’s the thing that puts off most people. If you have a limited data plan, then you can only watch a few shows. That’s because video streaming is data intensive. Maybe that’s good enough if you want to watch a football match or two.

Everything is okay if you have free, unlimited WiFi. However, for most people watching DSTV on a phone becomes expensive when using mobile data. Here is an article in which we expose the data requirements for DSTV Now. You need to go through that article to fully understand what you will be dealing with.


In this article, we showed you that you can indeed watch DSTV on your phone. On top of that, you can do it for free if somebody is willing to allow you to sign in with their account. However, the catch is that you are going to have to pay for mobile data, which tends to be more expensive than simply subscribing.

So, that’s something that tends to be limiting for most people. There is nothing truly free, unless if you have free internet and access to somebody else’s DSTV details. The details are easy to get, but the free internet tends to be rather difficult to find. Some people use night data plans, such as Vodacom’s night owl. That can be helpful.

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