How to use Econet Private WiFi Bundles

I am an Econet user, and I have to say I was initially confused about the purpose and use of WiFi bundles. Econet didn’t really explain things when it introduced this offering. If you go into the ECOCASH menu today, you will see that Private WiFi bundles are one of the options when purchasing data. The same applies when you use the *143# option for recharging your phone. So, what are Private WiFi bundles and how do they work?

What are Econet WiFi bundles?

Econet Private WiFi bundles are data bundles that enable Econet subscribers use to get connected to the internet on their phones, tablets, computers and on other devices. In other words, Private WiFi bundles from Econet are similar to all the other bundles that are out there.

The only difference is that you will be buying a lot of data at once. This data lasts you a month. To give an example, we have just bought an 8GB bundle. That bundle will last us a month. We are tethering and connecting several other devices on that bundle.

How do you use them?

This is where the confusion really sets in. Truth of the matter is that private WiFi data bundles from Econet can be used just like any other data bundle. This is something that we have already noted.

Just to go back to our own example, we are using our Econet WiFi bundle on a tablet. We have also set up that device to act as a hotspot. Other devices are connected to that hotspot, including the computer on which we are typing this post.

Why by Econet private WiFi bundles?

That’s how to use Econet Private WiFi bundles. You may be wondering why anybody would bother buying Econet Private WiFi bundles. There are many reasons for this.

In our case, we use data a lot while doing our online work. Note that that’s different from using a lot of data. We are very conservative with out data. Everything that can be switched on our gadgets is switched off just to save data.

We previously were on TelOne ADSL. Let’s note here that TelOne bundles are a lot cheaper. However, they have the disadvantage of not being mobile. It means you have to be at home or in the office to use them.

Another problem was that people were not able to keep away from videos when using TelOne. We ended up having to buy bundles twice a month of 15GB each.

In any case, the 8GB Econet bundle offers us a way out. It’s private, meaning we don’t have to share it with anyone. Also, 8GB per month is about enough for us.

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