How to use Econet WiFi Bundles

I am an Econet user, and I have to say I was initially confused about the purpose and use of WiFi bundles. Econet didn’t really explain things when it introduced this offering. If you go into the ECOCASH menu today, you will see that WiFi bundles are one of the options when purchasing data. The same applies when you use the *147# options. So, what are Econet WiFi bundles and how do they work?

What are Econet WiFi bundles?

Econet WiFi bundles are data bundles that enable Econet subscribers use to get connected to the internet using Econet WiFi hotspots.

How do you use them?

This is where the confusion really sets in. I have come across people who bought WiFi bundles thinking they were purchasing mobile broadband data bundles. The sad news if you do this and there is no Econet WiFi connectivity anywhere near you is that you will have thrown your money down the drain. As mentioned in the definition, these WiFi bundles will only give you internet when you connect using the WiFi hotspots from the country’s biggest network operator. They will not work on your mobile phone. Most people are attracted to the offering since they are cheaper than conventional mobile data.

Where do I get Econet Mobile Hotspots?

As far as I have been able to ascertain, all the locations that I frequent do not have WiFi hotspots from Econet. So, I am out of luck when it comes to using the WiFi bundles. The only places that I know have Econet WiFi hotspots are around Econet Shops. So, if you live or work near one of these, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you will have to stick to using mobile broadband like the rest of us. So, let me reiterate, don’t buy WiFi bundles unless you live near an WiFi hotspot from the country’s biggest mobile network operator.

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