How to Update your Kindle Paperwhite

If, like me, you recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite, you may be wondering how you can update your eBook reader. Updating your Kindle Paperwhite to the latest version of its firmware is crucial, if you are to get the complete Kindle experience. So, how do you update your kindle to the latest firmware?

Updating Kindle Paperwhite

To update the Kindle Paperwhite, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. With your Kindle Paperwhite turned on, click on the “Settings,” button.
  2. To your top right, you will notice that there are three small dots.
  3. Click on those dots and choose the “Update Your Kindle,” option.
  4. You will notice that if you are already on the latest version of the Kindle firmware, the above option will be faint.
  5. You can expect your device to restart several times as the updates are being made.

Which Version of Kindle Paperwhite do I have?

I recently bought the 2017 version of the Kindle Paperwhite. The Good news is that the 2018 version is now out, and you can order yours on Amazon. I haven’t had the chance to use the Kindle as yet, but I have to say it promises to be great. I have, all along, been using my Google Nexus 7 tablet to read Kindle books. Going from there to the Paperwhite, it has to be said, is something that needs it’s own article.

Needless to say here that my Nexus 7 tablet actually has a good battery life when it came to reading eBooks. The only major challenge was the glare. Trying to read a book in direct sunlight was a real big challenge. Anyway, as said, this is something that I will need to write about in another article.

Get your own Kindle Paperwhite Today

If you have been wondering whether or not to buy a Kindle Paperwhite, we have to say that this is something that we strongly recommend. The Paperwhite is what you need when you need to read books. For someone like me who reads several books per week, there is really no substitute for the Paperwhite. Get yours now by clicking on the image above.

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