Kindle Paperwhite Update Greyed Out

Part of the attraction for devices comes, for most people, in the ability to get updates on a regular basis. That is why there is so much interest each time Apple, Microsoft and other popular technology companies release software updates. The Kindle Paperwhite, it has to be said, is not really that sophisticated a device. Not that it is lacking in any way; in fact, its one of the most useful devices that you will ever lay your hands on. If you own one, you may find that the update function is usually greyed out whenever you try to make a firmware update. So, what does it mean to have the Kindle Paperwhite update greyed out?

What does it mean to have the Kindle Paperwhite update area greyed out?

If you are worried about missing out on the latest features for your Kindle because of the greyed out Update area, then you need not be worried. In fact, having a greyed out area in the update section for the Paperwhite is a good sign. What it means is that your device is already on the latest firmware version that’s available out there. There are, therefore, no new updates that you can install on your device.

Updates are automatic

You will have the greyed out area on the update section of your Paperwhite should you regularly connect the device to a WiFi network. That’s because Kindles are designed to automatically look for updates as soon as they are connected to the internet.

So, your device may already have downloaded the latest firmware and other updates without you ever having taken notice. Hope this article helps those who were worried about the Kindle Paperwhite update greyed out issue. Indeed, with most devices, having a greyed out section usually means that no new updates are currently available on for the gadget. So, this is something that you need not be worried about.

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