How to get TelOne Blaze LTE

A while ago, I got a frantic call from a friend. She was looking for 60 bond dollars. When I asked what the money was for, she told me that she wanted to buy the TelOne Blaze LTE dongle. Now, I had never heard of the thing. Upon further inquiry, my friend send me a photo showing what must have been a brochure advertising this latest offering from TelOne. But what is TelOne Blaze LTE? And how do you get TelOne Blaze LTE?

What is TelOne Blaze LTE?

TelOne Blaze is a mobile sim card from Zimbabwe’s fixed telephone services provider. This innovative product follows in the footsteps of similar offerings in the region, including by Telkom of South Africa. The great thing about TelOne’s venture into mobile data is that it’s offering has LTE. Now, if you need superfast internet, this is what you should go for.

How to get the Blaze LTE

In order to get the TelOne Blaze LTE SIM, you need to approach your nearest TelOne shop. There, they will sell you the SIM card, along with a month’s data subscription. Now, in order to make the purchase, you need to provide a copy of your national identity document along with your proof of residence.

Is TelOne Blaze LTE Available Countrywide?

My friend who wanted to buy the Blaze LTE SIM card met with no success at the end of the day. She was asked where she stays, and upon replying that she stays in Masasa Park, she was told that TelOne does not have mobile coverage there. So, what this means is that this offering from TelOne is still very much limited to certain areas of the country. At the moment, the service is limited to the following areas;

  • Avondale
  • Ruwa
  • Chitungwiza
  • Glenview
  • Kuwadzana
  • Southerton
  • Borrowdale
  • Harare Central Business District

Can I buy the SIM Alone?

Yes, you can buy the Blaze LTE SIM alone. However, you are advised to also buy a MiFi device from TelOne due to compatibility issues.


Okay, here is something that you are going to find frustrating. The TelOne Blaze LTE will only work in your home location. So, if you chose Kuwadzana, the device will not work outside of this area. Purportedly, that’s because the device is meant to cover areas where there is little or no ADSL. But one has the feeling that TelOne is needlessly limiting itself here. Based on my friend’s reaction, the Blaze LTE offering would be very popular across the country, particularly if it offers the same savings on data as TelOne ADSL. So, that’s it. You can buy the TelOne Blaze airtime from the paynowtopup website. Remember, coverage for Blaze LTE is limited, and you cannot use the SIM outside your home area.

TelOne recently changed it’s area codes! Here is how to dial TelOne’s new area codes! If you are looking to change the WiFi password on a TelOne ADSL router, then use the information in the provided link to get going!

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