How to do a Cell C SIM Swap or Replacement

Are you looking for information on how to do a Cell C Sim swap or replacement? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Cell C is the third largest mobile communications company in South Africa. It trails behind Vodacom and MTN. If you are one of their customer, there are instances where you could find yourself having to do a CellC SIM swap. The following is how to replace your Celll C SIM;

SIM Swap Cell C Procedure

The following is how to do a Cell C SIM swap;

  1. First, you need to buy a Cell C Starter pack.
  2. Do not RICA the SIM. Registration is not necessary when doing a CellC SIM swap.
  3. The easiest thing to do is to go to your nearest Cell C store to request for a SIM swap. Presumably, you will have bought a starter pack from a CellC store. So, you can just get everything done there.
  4. Another option is to call 084135. Request for a SIM swap from the agent that answers you.
  5. You can also call 135. Choose option 9. This allows you to talk to a Cell C agent.

Why would you need to swap your CellC SIM?

There are various instances where you may find yourself having to do a Cell C Sim replacement. In most instances, people replace their SIMs after losing their phones. Perhaps you have fallen victim to South African criminals who are renowned for their phone stealing prowess. Or many you just lost your phone in a completely innocent way.

A SIM swap that occurs due to loss is more or less a replacement. You are replacing the lost Cell C Sim with a new one. The whole idea is to keep your number even after such a loss. Your number will now be put onto the new SIM. In that case, losing your phone is not a calamity. Well, it is, but you can still keep your number.

There are also instances where you may find yourself having to replace your CellC SIM because your SIM is old and does not have the services that are available on newer SIM cards. As an example, you may have a SIM that does not have LTE. If that is the case, then you will need a SIM swap from Cell C if you have bought an LTE phone.

How long does it take for the new SIM to become activated?

That’s the cell c sim swap procedure. But how long do you need to wait before you can start using your new SIM? Well, it takes at least 2 hours for the new swapped Cell C SIM to become active. So, you need to wait that long before putting it into your phone. Or if you are replacing a SIM that’s still active, wait till the old SIM becomes inactive. Then replace it with the new one.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Meanwhile, you may be interested in learning how to port from Cell C to Telkom in South Africa. You may also wish to read our article on how to transfer airtime on Cell C. Please leave a comment below if you have anything to say.

44 thoughts on “How to do a Cell C SIM Swap or Replacement”

  1. But why you don’t want to help me. I use my cell c Sim for more than 5 years and have got important stuff on it. So is this a problem to lost or stolen your phone. Am not not happy with cell c anymore

    1. Hey Sitabile. Cell C has responded saying they can only help if they have further details. Here is their response; “Hi,
      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Unfortunately we wont be able to assist without the number in question or ID number. It sounds like she needed a SIM swap and was not assisted. This could probably be as a result of failing the security check or not having the number registered under their details. As per the SIM swap policy, the process can only be done if the SIM card was registered under your names and ID number.” I advise that you reach out to Cell C directly either via Twitter or by walking into your nearest Cell C shop. You need to be the one the SIM is registered to, however. If it’s not you, then get the original owner of the SIM to do it for you.

        1. Buy a SIM and Rica it. That can be done without visiting a Cell C store. Next, call 13 and choose option 9 to talk to an agent. Tell them you want to do a SIM swap. Make sure you have written down a list of your frequently called numbers. This is where most people fail. They cant remember their most frequent contacts and Cell C refuses to do the swap.

      1. I visited Westgate Cell C shop today after my sim card stopped working, I didn’t get help because I couldn’t remember the last 5 numbers. How can I be assisted please, I need that same number as it is linked to so many important accounts.
        I once called customer care they said my sim is damaged.

      2. Hi. my phone was taken by the traffic department over 2 months already and when i call the call center, its even more frustrating as i cant seem to pass the security check due to the fact i cant remember some of the info. this is extremely frustrating because i need my old number that i had over 5 years. can you help.
        old cell number 0842702584

      3. My Cell C SIM card lost network about e weeks ago. I had been using this card since octor 2016.The number had my important information and contact. I contacted the customer service to assist but the response was not satisfactory. Now I have completely lost all my important contacts

        1. Hi. Please try them on Twitter; They are usually very responsive there. We have been hearing stories similar to yours. The issue appears to be that people were using SIMs not registered in their names, or the registration details are different, or some have forgotten their numbers etc. Anyway, reach out to them and you will hopefully be helped.

      4. Hey guy I’ve lost my Cell C number for years now and i still wanna get back using the same number, I can’t access some of my personal online stuff so is it possible for me get the same number again? I’ve tried calling it. Still on voicemail

        Please help Thank you

      5. Hellow can you please help me i lost my simcard when i call they ask me questions and they say i failed to answer those question they wont able to assist me they say i must visit the cell c store and at my town we dont have cell c store how can i do please help because that simcard have my documents im worried

        1. Hi Sikelelwa. Sorry to hear about your issue. It’s a typical issue affecting Cell C customers as you can see from the comments section on this very article. The problem is they really need to verify that you are the owner of the particular SIM or number you are claiming. Otherwise they could end up giving away numbers to people with bad intents which can be bad considering that our phones now act as our banks, among other important stuff. So, for now, try to find your way to the nearest Cell C shop. That’s probably the only solution.

          1. Good evening
            I my phone was stolen two days ago. I tried the Sim swap. They say I failed the questions.i went as far as cell c outlet the on in Trade Route Mall, an Indian guy said he can’t help me. I told him I have my id and affidavit from police station. He refused to help me. Worse part he did not allow me in the shop. I felt very bad. If you guys don’t wake up, you will lose customers. Come give years you will be bankrupt. If I may ask. What is the purpose of affidavit? And how can a person go as far as the shop if s/he is a fraudster? Cell c you are really frustrating us.

            1. hello admin, please help excecly as know what they do? if you call them they have other alternative,they give a customer,an email number and tell the customer to go to shops to buy a new simcad then after that the customer suppose to go to polistation to get an affidavid that explain everything about what you need.please do that you know what you need to do,otherwise you are going to lose the customers

              1. Thanks fo reaching out. We have forwarded your suggestion to Cell C. This is a big issue, based on what we have been getting from people. People are asked to remember their frequent called numbers, which is not as easy as it sounds. The result is that many people are not able to swap their SIM cards. Hopefully, Cell C will come up with a solution.

            2. My 4n was stolen a month ago.i reached cell C to assist in Sim swap as I was using that nmber as our business what’s app number.the Sim card was bought from the airtym agents which clearly means it was not registered under my name.they asked for 5last numbers that called but honestly I can’t rember the numbers it was a busnes what’s app number that completely means it gets high volume of calls.i tried explaining all that yet to no avail.the agent I spoke to on that call was very RUDE in responses. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE GIVEN TO US BY CELL C we have been using other cell c numbers for over 4yrs but on that bsnes nmber it’s over a year but still they don’t even care to assist

              1. Yes, that’s a huge problem. We have been getting a lot of stories about people not able to recover their numbers after their Cell C phones were stolen. In this case, it’s probably too late to recover the number. You have to also look at it from their point; they cant just hand over numbers to people without foolproof evidence, ie proof of registration or something else. Otherwise they could end up giving away numbers to criminals. I don’t know how this issue can be resolved honestly. We will forward your message to cell c

            3. Is there a time frame within which a sim swap should be done? My number stopped working about a year ago…is it possible to still do a swap?


              1. This is a very common issue with Cell C. You only have to check the comments section here to understand what we are saying. The problem appears to be that there were come gaps in registration of numbers. Some people use lines registered in other people’s names, hence the issue. Cell C refuses to hand over a SIM till a person has answered their questions satisfactorily. You may want to go to your nearest Cell C shop. Maybe they will be able to help you.

            5. Ghulam Masudh Mohamed

              I phoned the Cell C number , and failed the security test. I went to the nearest Cell C store and gave the last 5 numbers I remember I phoned in the last month, because thats what they wanted. And they said a few is wrong , and they didn’t tell me which ones were correct, so that I can try other numbers.

              Then I showed them my bank account information that has my ID number and cell number, they said that is not enough proof. Then I told them I have a university data bundle that is active on that number. I even logged into my University portal in front of the consultant , to show them that the number is under my name. That wasn’t enough, and they told me to come again in 24 hours to try again with different numbers.

              This is so unfair. And I really need this number.

              1. Yeah, it’s a difficult situation that hundreds of people are finding themselves having to deal with on a daily basis. Honestly, if you ask me what numbers I recently called, I probably will have difficulty remembering. In your case, I think you had provided sufficient proof. Unfortunately, Cell C people appear to be working under strict orders not to approve SIM replacements till the set conditions have all be fulfilled. So, that’s a challenge but we have notified Cell C of your plight.

            6. Hi,itriedto do swim swap some months ago and i called the customer line and they told me to go to police and proof of residence how is that concernd with swiping my simcard? Iwas really disappointed with this un tremendous response.thanks

              1. Hi. Cell C really has an issue with this. It appears they are ultra careful when it comes to SIM replacements. It appears a lot of people on the network do not quite have the right registration credentials. As as result, when they lose their SIMs, it becomes an issue because people are unable to prove beyond doubt that they are the real owners of the SIM in question. At least they told you what you are supposed to do. Many people are just left hanging.

            7. Hi .my problem is I managed to do sim swap and it’s been 12 hours yet my new sim not yet activated…. there’s bars if network yes but but I can not be process anything…so how much longer should I wait

            8. I have lost my phone last week friday the date was 18 of September 2021, I would like to do a sim swap to restore my old number and I only remember 3 of the numbers that Ihave called on that day, what must i do?

              1. Hi. If you cannot remember the needed information, you are probably out of luck. It appears most Cell C users use SIMs registered in other people’s names and it’s a problem when it comes to doing a SIM swap.

            9. I am not happy with the service I got today at Chatsworth Centre in a Cell C shop I’ve been there for almost 5 days requesting a Sim swap. For 4 days I’ve been told the system is offline when I finally got to speak to someone I was told it won’t be done I’ve used this number for over 6 years everything is linked to it from my school details bursaries and work. I’m not happy at all with the service I got today.

            10. Hi sir /mam
              I’m chipo l damage my line so l was trying to cut it, so l need to do Sim swap l was using this line since 2014 my baking details funeral policy everything bl use this line , please can you assist me . I call you l didn’t manage to answer your questions ,and here to my area there’s no cell c shop

              1. Hesi Chipo. Dambudziko rako rinoita kunge rine vanhu vakawanda. Mibvunzo iri kubvunzwa ne Cell C inenge isina mhinduro. But now that wakuziva zvichabvunzwa, chimbogara pasi uwane mhinduro dzacho. Then wozoedza zvakare by reaching out to Cell C. Otherwise hapana hapana. Ivo vanoti they need to protect their other clients. Imagine if the wrong people could SIM swap? It would mean munhu anongootora line reumwe.

            11. I have been using my cellc number 0616897824 for more than 5 years but you have alot of questions to fix it back & I really need it bcz with the same number I’m still using all my interest & I really need it back…I lost it 7month ago & coast me alot of money to simswap it but still not working… please assist me I need this sim card

              1. Hey there hope everything is going well.

                I just wanted to know how did you get your number back after 7 months being lost. I also lost my phone number 6 months back. Now I really need it because I registered the same number for second step verification on my Gmail account. Please help me if you can?

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