How to Get Cell C PUK Number

Are you looking for information on how to retrieve your Cell C PUK number online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Cell C is one of the major forces on the South Africa mobile communications scene. It’s the third largest player. Aggressive marketing over the past few years has translated into tangible growth. If you are a CellC customer, a time may come when you need to check the retrieve your PUK number. There are several ways through which to find your PUK number on Cell C. How you get your PUK depends on whether or not you still have access to your phone. So, how do you do it? And can it be done online?

How to check Cell C PUK number

To check your Cell C PUK number, you have the following options;

  1. If you still have your phone, you can check your PUK number using a USSD code. Simply dial *147#. Choose option 9, then option 5 then option 2.
  2. You can also get your PUK code on CellC dialing 135 and choosing the option to talk to an agent. This option would work if you have been locked out of your phone.
  3. Alternatively, you can get your PUK by logging into the Cell C Self Service portal. Go to Security to view your PUK code.
  4. You also have the option to get your Cell C PUK using the Mobile App. Simply download it onto your phone, log in and go to Personal Information.

Which option works best?

The easiest thing to do is to get your PUK via USSD and to write it down somewhere before you get locked out of your phone. That way, should be locked out, it will be a simple matter of using the PUK to unlock your phone.

However, in most instances, people look for their PUK codes because they have already been locked out of their phones. Perhaps you put in the wrong password more than 3 times. Whatever the case, using USSD to retrieve your Cell C PUK will no longer be an option. So, what do you do?

In that case, the best option is to dial 135 from another phone. That way, you can talk to an agent. You can also use the Self Service portal to find your PUK. If you have been using it, simply sign in and going to Security to find your PUK code.

The option to use a mobile phone app will not work if you have already been locked out of your phone. So, like the option to use USSD, it will only be useful if you still have access to your phone. Use it to find your PUK so you can write it somewhere safe just in case.

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