How to Change the Language on a Kindle Paperwhite

Do you wish to change the language on your Kindle Paperwhite from English to another language? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Most people are not even aware that the Kindle comes with multiple language support. So, how do you go about changing the language on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Change Language Kindle

To change the language on a Kindle, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. On the home screen of your Kindle Paperwhite, click on “Settings.”
  2. Next, click on “All Settings.”
  3. From there, click on “Language and Dictionaries.”
  4. Next, click on “Language.”
  5. Click on the language to which you wish to shift. For this example I am going to be changing the language on my Kindle Paperwhite to French.
  6. Click “Next.”
  7. Where needed, click on the regional format.
  8. Click on “OK.” Your Kindle will now be restarted in your chosen language.

Does this change the language in my books?

No, changing the language on your Kindle Paperwhite does not actually change the language in your books. If you have downloaded English language books, they will not suddenly transform to French simply because you have chosen French as your language for the Kindle Paperwhite.

The only thing that will happen is that device options on your Kindle will now be shown in your chosen language. For example, when I change my language to French, my Home screen now displays “accueil,” instead of “Home,” and “parametres” instead of “Settings.”

Why would you change the language?

There are a couple of scenarios where you would change the language on your Kindle Paperwhite;

  • Perhaps English is not your native tongue. If that is the case, then you can simply change the language to your native language.
  • Perhaps you are learning a new language and you wish to immerse yourself in it this way. this is a good way of learning some new vocabulary.

Available languages

The following are the languages that are available for the Kindle Paperwhite;

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Japanese

Do you know how to turn off recommended books on a Kindle Paperwhite? If not, then read the article in the provided link to find out how. You can also download the Kindle for PC app here.

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