How to Change ACT Fibernet WiFi Password

Are you looking to change the password on your ACT Fibernet WiFi network? If yes, then this article will show you how to do it. ACT is a growing player in the broadband internet sector in India. If you are one of the company’s over 1.5 million customers, you may have had that a while back, they had a security scare. Apparently, it was possible for people to hack into ACT routers. Once in there, they could steal your personal credentials. The issue has since been resolved, but you may want to learn how to change WiFi password ACT to protect yourself and your family. The following are the steps for doing it;

How to Change WiFi Password ACT Fibernet

To change the WiFi password on your ACT Fibernet WiFi router, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Ensure that both your router and your computer are turned on and connect your PC to the WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Open a browser on your computer and type in
  3. You will now be taken to your ACT router login page. Type in the default username and password.
  4. The default username is admin.
  5. The default password is radinet_admin.
  6. Press on the Login button and you will now be taken into your router Dashboard.
  7. Next, you need to click on the Wireless tab.
  8. This brings down a drop down menu. Chose SSID from the list.
  9. Finally, scroll down to Preshared key and change the password for your ACT Fibernet network.
  10. When done, click on Apply. Restart your outer and log into your WiFi network using the new password.

Tips when changing ACT Fibernet WiFi password

The tips on how to change WiFi password ACT Fibernet given above are for those who have Beam WiFi routers. Fact of the matter though is, there are many types of routers out there. It’s not just Beam. So, you may discover that the steps given above do not quite work for you. What do you do in that case? Well, the following tips should help you change the WiFi password on your ACT Fibernet network, whatever the router that you may have;

  • Find the default I.P
  • Find the default username and password
  • Get into your ACT Fibernet router’s dashboard
  • Look around for the section on which to change the WiFi password. It’s usually labeled Preshared Key or just WiFi password.

Check the router for instructions

Before cracking your head because you are failing to change your ACT WiFi password, you need to first check on the router itself to see if there are instructions printed on there somewhere. Usually, you will find a sticker at the bottom with instructions relating to the default I.P address, the default username and the default password. With these, you should be able to get into your router’s settings page. In fact, almost all routers have a sticker underneath of behind with these details. So, you should be able to find it, unless somebody removed it.

You can use Command Prompt to find the default I.P for your ACT Fibernet router

As noted, there are many types of routers out there. We have previously written an article on how to change the WiFi password for Converge in the Philippines. We have also written on how to change the WiFi passwords for TelOne routers in Zimbabwe. If you read through those articles, you will notice that the instructions are almost similar.

However, one thing that may be slightly different is the default I.P address. So, if you do not have a Beam router, you may find that the default I.P that you need to use to get into your router’s setup page is different. We do have to say in general, is the default I.P favored by many manufacturers. Sometimes, it is Anyway, if that does not work, you can always check what the default I.P for your router is via Command Prompt in the following ways;

  • Open Command Prompt on your computer.
  • You do this by searching for cmd and then clicking on the Command Prompt icon that comes up.
  • In Command Prompt, type in ipconfig.
  • The default I.P address for your router is the one that’s listed in front of Default Gateway.

Tips for a strong ACT Fibernet WiFi password

This is another tip that we need to give to those looking to change their ACT WiFi passwords. We have already noted that there was a security scare a while back regarding ACT routers. What you need to do is to make sure that you are secure by taking the following password changing tips;

  • Your password should be at least 10 characters long. Generally speaking, longer passwords are a lot more difficult to crack.
  • Every password should be a mix of upper and lower cases.
  • You should also use special characters in your ACT Fibernet WiFi password to confuse would be hackers.
  • Another security measure is to keep the name of your network hidden. That way, people who do not know the fact will not be aware that you actually have WiFi in your home or office.

Take the time to also change your ACT Fibernet router’s default password

There are actually 2 types of passwords when it comes to WiFi networks. First, there is the router settings password, which enables you to get into your router’s dashboard. Then there is the WiFi password, which we have just shown you how to change. Thing is, most people never bother to change their ACT router passwords.

However, they can actually be points of vulnerability. That’s because most routers out there use the same default usernames and passwords. That’s especially the case for devices from the same manufacturer. So, most Beam routers out there use radinet_admin as their default password. For TP Link and many other routers, both the default username and password are admin. This is common knowledge.

So, it means that anyone, including thieves, is aware of what these default username and passwords are. That’s why it’s so important, while in the process of changing your ACT WiFi password, to also take the time to change your router password. Most people do not think that this is necessary because they only ever need to use the router password maybe once or twice a year. But if hackers get hold of your connectivity, you will regret not taking this step.

Why bother learning how to change ACT Fibernet WiFi password

It would be impudent on our part not to close this article with some rather long motivation. So, why should you even bother learning how to change WiFi password ACT? After all, the default password that you get when your system is set up appears to be secure enough. Why would you even want to move from that?

You may need to change the password for ACT Fibernet network to keep out the neighbors

India is a very big country. And we all have numerous neighbors and friends. It’s one of the advantages of being Indian. However, when it comes to your WiFi network, this blessing may turn into a curse. But why? Well, no sooner do you get connected to the ACT Fibernet network, than people start streaming to your doorstep. Suddenly, they are all your friends.But in fact, all they are interested in is your WiFi password.

First of all, they try to coax it out of you. They want to know what your children’s names and their birthdays are. That’s because most people, in their fallibility, are too lazy to come up with proper passwords for their WiFi networks. They use their names and birthdays as their WiFi passwords. In essence, if you have lived in the same neighborhood for some time, you can actually make a pretty good guess what the password at each house is going to be.

Anyway, when they fail to get the password out of you through guile, your neighbors get right to the point. They applied for that job in Mumbai. Yes. So now they need the password to your WiFi so they can check their mail. Or maybe, their kids have some difficult homework. So, they need your WiFi password to do some Googling.

Whatever the excuse, fact of the matter is you are going to capitulate at one point. Maybe you do so to that one neighbor who you are very close to. You get them to first promise that they will keep your password secret and they will not share it with anyone else. However, the moment they leave you house, they start sharing with their own friends. After all, we all want our friends and family to have good things right?

The only sign that you will get that all is not well will by your data running out after only a few days. That’s because free WiFi equals YouTube videos. And if you are on an unlimited broadband plan, you may find that your network has slowed down significantly because you will be having so many leaches on there. Should that be the case, then it may be necessary for you to find out how to change act Fibernet WiFi password.

Changing your WiFi Password ACT Fibernet is to protect against hackers

Neighbors are an annoying problem. However, they are not that serious a threat. The biggest  threat when it comes to the internet comes from hackers. We were doing keyword research for this article, and we found that most people are looking for information on how to hack into WiFi networks. That’s a serious problem.

A lot of hackers are just after free WiFi. However, there are others who will not stop at just that. They also want to steal your banking credentials. And the next thing that you will know, people will be spending your money all over the place on your behalf. Now, that’s a huge problem. Anyway, that’s a major reason for wanting to learn how to change your ACT WiFi password.

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