How to Activate Call Barring on Cell C

Are you looking to learn how to activate call barring on Cell C in South Africa? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Cell C is one of the major players on the mobile communications scene in the country. If you are one of the their customers, you may be looking to activate call blocking on your phone. Maybe you wish to bar incoming calls on your Cell C phone. Or maybe you wish to bar outgoing calls. You may also be looking for the CellC call barring USSD codes. You may also be looking for the Cell C call barring password. Whatever your need, we are going to show you how to do it in this article. The post is divided into the following sections;

  1. Cell C call barring USSD codes.
  2. How to cancel Cell C call barring.

Cell C Call Barring USSD Codes

FunctionUSSD Code
 Call barring password 1234
 Barr all incoming calls *35*1234#
 Barr all incoming calls (roaming) *3511234#
 Barr all outgoing calls *33*1234#

What is the Cell C Call Barring Password?

The Cell C call barring password or pin is 1234.

How to bar all incoming calls on CellC?

To block all incoming calls on Cell C, dial *35*1234# on your phone.

How to bar all outgoing calls on Cell C

To bar all outgoing calls on your Cell C phone, dial *33*1234#.

Why would you bother with call barring?

That’s how to block calls on Cell C in South Africa. But why would you take such a drastic step? We have previously written on how to block individuals from calling your Cell C number. That’s useful if there is someone who has been annoying you and you no longer wish to hear from them.

Another reason for wanting to block calls on Cell C would be if you owe people money. At least that’s one of the major reason why you may be looking to learn about call barring. People are after you and because you do not wish to pay them back, you are going to deactivate calls on your phone. Of course, in this instance, blocking individual numbers would seem like the logical solution. However, that will not work if you owe everybody around you money. The only solution then would be to block all calls.

You may also be looking to block incoming and outgoing calls on Cell C if you are about to attend an important meeting or interview. Or perhaps you are doing something with your phone. Phones have gone beyond mere calling, and you may be using yours for internet. Call barring would work if you wish to avoid calls while still remaining online.

Anyway, that’s how to set up call barring on CellC. You may also wish to check out our article on how to transfer Cell C airtime. Also read on how to port to from MTN to Cell C.

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