How do I Cancel Cell C Auto Top Up?

The Cell C Auto TopUp feature can be very useful. It can mean you will never run out of airtime. So, you can keep on talking to friends and family. It’s part of the feature to borrow money from Cell C. However, instead of manually getting airtime credit, you will be receiving airtime automatically whenever your account reaches R2 or below. However, if you have been using this facility, a time may come when you wish to cancel. The following is how to do it;

How to stop Cell C auto TopUp

To stop Cell C from automatically topping up your phone with airtime, you need to take the following steps;

  • Go to your phone and dial *147#.
  • Follow the prompts to cancel Auto TopUp.

Why Cancel Cell C Emergency Airtime Recharge?

Some people love this feature. So, what’s the problem? Why would you wish to cancel Cell C Auto Top Up? Well, the feature to automatically receive emergency airtime from Cell C can be a bit too useful. It means you will always owe something to Cell C. So, this is not something that many people prefer.

You may have thought that opting into the program was a good idea at one point in time. However, the next thing that you will know, you will be owing Cell C something. This will go on for some time and money will be deducted from your account every whenever you recharge.

It’s a matter of retaining control of your spending. This feature can be useful, no doubt. However it means you don’t have that much control of your spending. It makes you think you have enough airtime in your phone when most of it is borrowed. And Cell C will keep sending airtime to you till you have reached your limit.

So, when you next do a recharge, you may find that all your money has been deducted. That’s because you will be in Cell C’s debt. That’s the major reason why most people seek to cancel Cell C Auto Top Up. If you need emergency airtime, it’s better for you to get it the hard way by borrowing it manually. That way you will always know how much you have borrowed and how much you are expected to pay back.

6 thoughts on “How do I Cancel Cell C Auto Top Up?”

  1. Hi Good morning,Im trying to cancel Cellc auto topup.
    But i dont even get an option to cancel it so how do i do it now.

    I feel Cellc is not giving me an option and i don’t want the topup on my phone.

  2. I am actually angry with CellC I did not requested for emergency airtime over R50 because I don’t think for me it’s a good idea to have debt for airtime as I have enough debts to attend too I was owing R48 emergency airtime and I paid all of it however I don’t know how did CellC operates I tried on several occasions to cancel this so called emergency airtime with no success, CellC will tell you to dial *147*7# with no success. I want CellC to check my account and refund me all my monies as I feel very strong that I don’t owe them instead they are the one who owes me.

  3. You can cancel auto topup, go to emergency recharge then select option to cancel auto topup. Dial *147# select emergency recharge option then option 2> 2>1 to cancel Auto Top Up emergency airtime.


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