Harare to Nyanga Toll Gates

If you are traveling to Nyanga, you may be wondering at the number of toll gates between Harare and Nyanga. Nyanga is a popular destination for foreign and local tourists, and you need to know the number and locations of ZINARA toll gates to be able to plan your journey properly. Here, in any case, is all the information that you need to know about the Harare to Nyanga toll gates.

Number of toll gates between Harare and Nyanga

There are 2 toll gates between Harare and Nyanga. So, if you are traveling along the road between the two places, you are going to need to have enough to pay for the two tollgates.

Map of tollgates between Harare and Nyanga

The above map shows the tollgates that are located between Harare and Nyanga.

Where are the tollgates between Nyanga and Harare located?

The first toll gate between Harare and Nyanga is located in Ruwa, 35.11 km from Harare, along the Harare – Mutare road. The second tollgate between Nyanga and Harare is located at Crocodile, along the Harare – Mutare road, 14km before Rusape.

Check out the full list of ZINARA tollgates here.

Condition of Road between Harare and Nyanga

The road between Harare and Ruwa is actually very good. It’s one of the best in the country. That’s because it’s part of the highway that was rehabilitated a few years ago by G5, stretching from the Plumtree border post to the border with Mozambique. So, you can expect a safe drive along this route.

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