Number of Tollgates Between Harare and Mutare

If you plan on traveling to Mutare from Harare, you may be wondering at the number of tollgates that are there between the two cities. Having this information helps you determine the amount of money that you are going to need in order to get there. So, what is the number of tollgates between Harare and Mutare?

How many tollgates are there between Harare and Mutare?

There are 3 tollgates between Harare and Mutare.

Where are the toll gates between Harare and Mutare located?

The tollgates between Harare and Mutare are located at the following points;

  1. The first tollgate between Harare and Mutare is located 35.11km along the Harare-Mutare road in Ruwa.
  2. The second toll gate on the Harare, Mutare highway is located 14km from Rusape.
  3. The final tollgate between Harare and Mutare is located at Riverside, 18km from Mutare.

How much do tollgates cost in Zimbabwe?

The tollgate fees for vehicles in Zimbabwe are the following;

  • Sedans and other light vehicles are charged $2 at toll gates in Zimbabwe.
  • Minibuses are charged $3 as tollgate fees in the country.
  • Buses pay $4 as tollgate fees in Zimbabwe
  • For heavy vehicles, the tollgate fees in Zimbabwe is $5
  • For Haulage trucks tollgate fees in Zimbabwe are $10
The Journey to Mutare

Mutare boasts of being one of the most scenic places in Zimbabwe. The mountainous terrain makes the drive to Mutare both a joy and a challenge. The good news is that the road to Mutare is in a very good condition. In fact, the Harare, Mutare highway is one of the best in the country. What this means is that your drive will be a joy all the way from Harare to Mutare. Check out our article on the number of tollgates between Harare and Gweru should you be looking to travel to that city. Again, this road is in a very good condition.

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