Best Mileage on a Used Japanese Vehicle

Generally speaking, the lower a vehicle’s mileage, the better. You can check out some of the low priced cars that are available on Beforward, one of the top Japanese car exporters, by following the provided link. Now, when it comes to Africa, all things general become complicated, with the result that those that are looking to import used vehicles from Japan often scratch their heads while trying to determine the best courses of action. So, what is the best mileage on a used Japanese Vehicle?

Go for Something Below 50000km

Let me hasten to say that all the information that is given in this article is based on my own preferences. It’s, by no means, the gospel. Now, when it comes to buying used Japanese cars, I generally advice people to go for those that have below 50000km on the odometer.

I got my own car when it had around 22000km, and it has never given me any trouble in the 3 years that I have been driving it on a daily basis.

When to go above 50000km

Though I may advice you to go for the lowest when it comes to the Best Mileage on a Used Japanese Vehicle, the reality on the ground is that you may not have a choice. That’s largely because of the following;

  • Price: Vehicles that have low mileages tend to be the most expensive. Price is a topic on which we talk about in our other article.
  • Vehicle type: You may not find the car that you are looking for at the right mileage.
  • Vehicle condition: A car that has a higher mileage may actually be in a better condition than one whose mileage is low.
  • Diesel Vehicles: These tend to have greater levels of endurance, with the result that you will find cars that have been driven for over 300 000km without issues.

Lowest Mileage on a Japanese car on Beforward

As of today, the lowest mileage that can be found on a Japanese car on Beforward is 5km for a 2018 Toyota Vitz hybrid. The car costs $13363, so you better be prepared before getting that one.

The Highest Mileage on a Japanese car on Beforward

On the other side of the scale, the highest mileage on a Japanese car on Beforward today is; 1 464 034km, for a Mitsubishi Super Great Truck. Not surprising, considering that trucks are the workhorses of the industrial age.

Are the Mileages on Used Japanese Vehicles Genuine?

This is a question that’s often asked, when it comes to importing used Japanese cars to Zimbabwe, Burundi or any other African country. Are those mileages that are shown on Beforward genuine? Or have they all be rewound to make the cars more attractive?

The truth of the matters is, that is a question that I cannot answer. Most people are sceptical about the mileages, but, let me ask this question; would it be worth having the mileage rewound only to sale the car at $30? In my view, the used cars that people import from Japan have genuine mileages on the odometers. It’s when the cars get to Africa that shenanigans begin when it comes to the mileages.


Just to conclude, it is my view that the best mileage on a used Japanese Vehicle is the lowest mileage. However, there are conditions to this assertion, all of which I have outlined above.

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