Du Router Login Username and Password

Are you looking for the Du Router login username and password? As a DU (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company) customer, you could find yourself wishing to log into your router’s admin section. That’s only possible if you have the default DU router username and password. So, where do you get this data? DU is one of the two most prominent internet companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Please note that there are a number of different routers in use on the DU network. Hence we decided to compile this DU router default login details article. In the section below, we provide you with the login details for all DU routers and modems;

Default DU Router Password and Username

On most DU routers, the default username is admin. The default DU router password is also usually admin. The majority of routers out there come with labels on which is printed all the information that you need to get into the admin Dashboard. So, if the information provided here proves to be inaccurate, or if you have another type of router in your home or office, you are advised to check on this label, which is on the bottom of the router, to get he correct login details.

RouterDefault UsernameDefault PasswordDefault IP
Huawei 5G CPEcheck on router labelcheck on router label192.168.8.1
Linksys Velop WHW01adminadmin192.168.1.1
Tp Link M7350adminadmin192.168.0.1
Tp Link MR6400adminadmin192.168.1.1
ZTE MC801adminadmin192.168.0.1

How to log into a DU router

To log into your DU internet router, you should following the steps given below;

  1. Connect your phone, tablet or computer to your router’s internet.
  2. Open a browser and type the IP address given above into the address bar.
  3. After pressing enter, you will be taken to your DU router’s login page.
  4. Type in the default Du router password and username given above.
  5. Press enter to log in.

In the event that your password was changed

It can happen that the DU router password and username provided here does not apply to you. That’s something to which we have already alluded. This usually happens if somebody has already changed your password. Most people do this when they first get their routers.

Router passwords are mostly the same

What you may not be aware of is that router passwords are similar across the board. If you know how to log into one, you can probably log into any other by trying out all the other passwords that are basic for most routers. As an example, the majority of routers that are on the market today have admin as both their username and password.

This applies whether one is talking about Huawei, Linksy, Cisco or any other router manufacturer that’s out there. In the majority of cases, login information is the same. So, it’s better to change yours at the earliest possible of times. However, people then go on to forget their new passwords.

That’s because the Du router password is hardly ever used. What’s used is the WiFi password. People tend to remember those. But router passwords are only used once in the proverbial blue moon. So, it’s quite normal to forget yours. But what do you do afterwards?

Reset your DU Router

Fortunately, this issue is one that has a solution. All that’s required is for your to do a DU router reset. To do that, check on the back of your router and find the reset button. It’s a small button. You will probably need to find something pointed to use for pressing on this button.

It can take about 15 seconds to reset your DU router. You will see that something has happened as the lights on the device flash off and on. After the rest, it will now be possible for you to log into your router using your default login details.

Why do you need the Du router password?

That’s the DU router login username and password. The information provided in this article could come in handy in a number of instances for DU customers in the UAE. Perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password. Or maybe, you need to adopt a different, catchy name for your WiFi. There are many other admin activities that you can carry out, and all of them require that you log into your Du router.

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