Liven things up with Dark Mode in the WordPress Admin Area

WordPress website owners probably spend huge amounts of time in the backends of their websites. After a while, things may become a bit boring. If that is the case, you may want to liven things up a bit by enabling Dark Mode in your WordPress Admin area. So, what does this do and why would you install Dark Mode in WordPress?

Why have Dark Mode in WordPress

  • Dark Mode livens things up by changing the appearance of your WordPress Dashboard area
  • Dark Mode makes it easy for you to work at night by cutting down on the ambient light that is coming from your screen. This helps reduce eye strain.

How do you get Dark Mode in WordPress

The unfortunate bit is that WordPress does not come with Dark Mode functionality built in. The good news is that you can get this functionality simply by installing the Dark Mode Plugin. You can get this by making the relevant search in the Plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Once you have this plugin installed and activated, all that you need to do to get Dark Mode on your site is the following;

  • In your Dashboard, go to Users, Your Profile
  • Make sure “Dark Mode,” is selected.
  • Save your changes.

That’s it! You will immediately begin having dark mode on your WordPress website’s admin area. If you have been trying out the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor, you will notice that Dark Mode is not yet compatible, though it is expected to be so in upcoming releases.

You can, however, switch to the WordPress Classic editor to take full advantage of Dark Mode. Gutenberg, as we mention in another article, largely sucks, which is why you may wish to make the switch back to the classic editor.

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