Beware of the Infographics Peddlers

I have recently been receiving a barrage of guest post publishing requests from infographic makers, a development that I thought gave a creative trajectory to the ever going struggle to find backlinks. If you have been following this blog, you will remember that, a while back, I wrote about the backlink maniacs, who were on the prowl across the internet and were on the lookout for free link building opportunities.

The Infographic Peddlers

These are more or the less the same people who I mention above. In both cases, the desire is to gain backlinks and the resultant SEO benefits. Whats unique about the Infographic peddlers is their level of sophistication. They have taken cognizant of the fact that human beings are visual animals.

What is an Infographic?

Instead of telling a story in so many words, an infographic turns it into a simplified thing of beauty through the use of graphics.

Advantages of Infographics?

The major advantage of using infographics to tell a story is that they are much more appealing than the printed word. They also make it easier for your target audience to understand the message that you are trying put across.

Considering the many distractions that exist in today’s connected world, these abilities represent quite an advantage as far as communication is concerned.

How Infographic Peddlers are cheating

As already noted, people who are on the hunt for backlinks have taken to using infographics in order to get their posts on blogs and websites around the globe. A couple of days ago, I received emails from various people, all of whom claimed to have created amazing infographics that I could use on my site.

I would, of course, have to also use the accompanying introductory text. These terms were fine by me, particularly considering that the person in question had told me that the intro would be unique.

I didn’t bother to check this out at the moment, and would have immediately published the content, save for the fact that the infographic appeared too big for my WordPress site.

Content not unique

The owner solved this problem by providing me with a link that I would paste into my site. When I finally got around to publishing the article a few days later, I wisely began by Googling a few lines of the provided intro text. Consider my surprise when I discovered that the content had already been published several times elsewhere.


The level of laziness that is exhibited by these people is, to say the least, quite amazing. I mean, I provide you with a service that others are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for, and you repay me by trying to get me penalized by Google for having duplicate content on my site. Its criminal, if you ask me. In any case, the whole thing has soured me against these infographic peddlers. Now I just trash any message that lands in my inbox.

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