Atlantic Broadband Router Default Username and Password

If you are an Atlantic Broadband customer, I strongly suggest that you read this article. Atlantic Broadband provides cable communication services in the United States. It’s footprint spans several States, including New York, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. Customers often find themselves having to log into the admin console of their Atlantic Broadband routers. This article gives you the default login details for all Atlantic broadband supplied routers;

Atlantic Broadband Router Default Login Details

The most common default username on Atlantic Broadband routers is admin. The most common password is password. On some routers, both username and password are admin. Like most of the other ISPs that are out there, Atlantic Broadband uses a wide range of routers from different manufacturers. However, some people buy separate routers, which they bring to Atlantic Broadband. That’s done mostly to avoid monthly rental fees. If you are one of these people, check out this article. It shows you what your username and password are. Meanwhile, the table below shows the default login details for all routers supplied by Atlantic Broadband;

RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
Ambit (Ubee) DDM3503useruser
Ambit (Ubee) U10C035useruser
Arris CM450Aadminpassword
Arris CM550Aadminpassword
Arris WBM760Aadminpassword
Arris CM820Aadmin/blankpassword/blank
Cisco DPC3000ciscocisco
Cisco DPC3827cusadminpassword
D-Link DCM 202dlinkdlink
Linksys BEFCMU10 v4blankadmin
Linksys CM100blankadmin
Motorola SB5100adminmotorola
Motorola SB5101adminmotorola
Motorola SB5101Uadminmotorola
Motorola SB5120adminmotorola
Motorola SB6120adminmotorola
Motorola SB6121adminmotorola
Motorola SBG6580adminmotorola
Motorola SBG901adminmotorola
Netgear CG814CCR-V2admin/cusadminpassword/highspeed
Scientific-Atlanta DPC2100R2adminpassword
Scientific-Atlanta DPC2505adminpassword
SMCNetworks SMC8014WGcusadminpassword
SMCNetworks SMCD3Gcusadminpassword/highspeed
SMCNetworks SMCD3GNVadminpassword
Thomson DCM425blankadmin
Ubee DDM3513admincableroot
Zoom Telephonics 5241admincable
Zoom Telephonics 5350adminadmin

Atlantic Broadband router login username and password not working

Those are the Atlantic Broadband router login usernames and passwords. However, what may happen is that the details will not work in your case. That could be down to any of a number of causes. First, it’s possible that you are using a router on Atlantic Broadband that’s not on our default admin username and password list.

The monthly fee for renting a router/modem from Atlantic Broadband is $9.99. Most people seek to avoid this by using their own modems and routers. In reality, most modems and routers will work in most instances, though you may have issues with performance.

So, if your device does not appear on our Atlantic Broadband modem login username and password list, you could end up not being able to log in. But what do you do in that instance?

Another reason for failing to log into your Atlantic Broadband router’s admin dash-board could be if you have already changed the admin password. Or maybe the service personnel who set up your system did it on your behalf.

Changing router admin passwords is an essential safety precaution. As you can see from our table, passwords for routers and modems tend to be the same. So, it’s possible for someone to hack into your system.

To avoid that, you need to change your router’s admin login details. So, what can you do in the event that the information that we provided has not worked in your case?

Find the Correct Atlantic Broadband Router Username and Password on the Router Label

First of all, we are very happy that you are here. We welcome you. But you actually didn’t need to come here to find the Atlantic Broadband router login admin username and password. That’s because all the information that you are looking for can be found on the router itself.

If you check on your router, you will see that it comes with a label on which is printed a lot useful information. The label can be found mostly underneath your router. Sometimes, you will find it on the side or on the back of the device.

Whatever its location, you will discover that everything that you need to get into your modem’s admin console can be found on the router label. It contains the default router IP, as you can see in the above example.

It also contains the default login username for your router. Also there is the default password. So, the information that you were looking for was near you all the time.

Reset your router if you have forgotten your router’s admin password

We noted that one of the reasons why you could be failing to log into your Atlantic broadband router using the default admin username and password given above could be cause you have previously changed your router’s password.

Many people do this. However, not many ever bother to remember these new passwords. It’s not something to be too surprised with, considering that the router admin password only gets used once or twice in a long while.

So, is there a way of overcoming this issue? Does it spell doom to any of your attempts to log into your Atlantic Broadband router?

Fortunately, the situation is not half as bad as we have just insinuated. Though you may have forgotten your new Atlantic Broadband router login default username and password, you can still log in. That can be achieved through the resetting of your router.

Routers have reset buttons on the back. It’s a pinhole button, so you need something pointed to use for pressing on this button. Keep pressing for a minimum of 15 seconds. The router will turn itself off and on.

Once that is done, you should be able to find your way into the default Atlantic Broadband router dashboard using the login details given above. And if your router is not listed on our list, simply follow our instructions on how to get around that particular problem.

Why look for the Atlantic Broadband Router Login Username and Password?

Hopefully, you have found what you were looking for in our Atlantic Broadband router default username and password article. But what are the main reasons for looking for this information? We have just noted that most people do not need to look for the default login details for their routers. So, why are you here?

You are probably here because you wish to change your WiFi name. Probably it’s your WiFi password that you want to change. To do that or to change other WiFi settings, you are required to sign into the admin section of your router. Hence your attempt to find the default login details for your Atlantic Broadband router.


In this article, we gave you the Atlantic Broadband router login default username and password. Having these details gives you the ability to get into your router at any point in time. Meanwhile, Sparklight customers can find out about logging into their Sparklight routers. WOW customers can also read this default username and password article.

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