3 Advantages of having an Exjap Delivered to Harare

A number of delivery choices are available for those that are looking to buy used Japanese vehicles. This is something on which we have previously dwelt on this blog. We mentioned, then, that there is really no need for Zimbabweans to have their cars delivered to Dar El Salaam. Rather, it is much easier and safer to have cars delivered to Beitbridge or Plumtree. In this article, we look at the option to have your used vehicle delivered to Harare. So, what are the advantages of having an Exjap delivered to Harare?BeForward’s City Deliveries

BeForward, the biggest seller of used Japanese vehicles, has the option to have cars delivered to cities near you. What happens is that when your car arrives in Durban, or at any other port, it is put onto a car carrier, which then travels by road towards the port or your choice. This can be Harare, Plumtree or any other available destination. You may have seen, while traveling around, one of these vehicle carrying trucks.

Should I have my car delivered to Harare?

One of the options, as already noted, is to have your vehicle delivered to Harare. There are several advantages to this;

  1. You do not have to worry about driving your car all the way from Plumtree, Beitbridge or Dar Es Salaam. Believe me, this is rather important. When you buy a car over the internet, you only have a vague idea of its mechanical condition. Driving that car a distance of over 600km is, therefore, not the wisest of choices.
  2. There is no congestion when it comes to clearing cars that arrive through Harare for the simple reason that not many people are doing it.
  3. You don’t have to go through the hassle of crossing through many countries, as would be the case should you choose to have your vehicle delivered to Dar Es Salaam.

Disadvantages of Harare City Deliveries

There are, however, a few of disadvantages to having your car delivered to Harare;

  1. The costs tend to be more than having a car delivered to Beitbridge or Musina. For an idea of what you will have to pay as duty, simply double the amount that it takes to have your car delivered to Harare (or to any other port). This is the major reason why people tend to prefer other ports when it comes to getting their ex-japs.
  2. You miss out on the adventure of driving all the way from Plumtree or Beitbridge. Believe me, if you have ever done this, this is something that you are likely to tell your children and grandchildren.

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