Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car

Used Japanese cars are all the rage in Zimbabwe and other African countries. That’s not really surprising, considering that they offer a real alternative for those that may otherwise never have realized the dream of owning a car due to the issue expense. So, what’s the best place to buy a used Japanese Car?

Be Forward

Drive around Harare, Maputo or Luanda today, and you will notice that most of the cars that people are driving have stickers at the back that are written “Be Forward.” What’s more, you can, if you are lucky, stumble upon a few people who will be wearing faded Be Forward t-shirts.

Be Forward is, without doubt, the Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car for people in Africa. Indeed, this is the site that I used to buy the beloved Corolla that I have been talking about so monotonously on this blog.

Other Used Japanese Car Websites

The truth of the matter, however, is that Be Forward is not the only site where you can buy a used car from Japan. Other sites include;


Why Be Forward is the Best

Be Forward is, in my view, the Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car for a number of reasons;

  1. Cost: This, perhaps not surprisingly, is a big consideration when importing cars to Zimbabwe and other African countries from Japan. The thing that makes Beforward the Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car is that you can actually buy cars on the platform for as little as $1. Yes, you got that right. You can get a car for a dollar on Be Forward. In most case, you will be able to find several cars that are prices below $50. However, before you rush to make your purchase, not that a one dollar car will still set you back up to $3000 to get it to Zimbabwe due to shipping and duty charges.
  2. Quick Shipping: Be Forward is also the Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car due to its ability to quickly ship your car when you make your purchase. No illusions here, it will still take between 6 and 7 weeks to have your car land at your chosen port, but that’s still better than is the case with other sellers.
  3. Regular updates on shipping: The thing that I liked the most when it came to shipping my used car from Japan was the effective communication that I got from Be Forward. In fact, they inform you about developments every step of the way, which should help simmer down some of the anxiety that comes from having your car in the high seas.
  4. Local Agents: This is another fact that makes Be Forward the Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car. The company has local agents, who, should you choose to use them, stand ready to help you purchase the car of your dream.
  5. You can negotiate: This is something that not many people are not aware of. You can actually negotiate the price of your car down on Be Forward. Of course, you are not going to be able to achieve anything if your car already costs $1, but for cars that are reasonably priced, it’s possible for you to open negotiations to have the price reduced.
  6. Widest selection of cars: There can be no doubting that Be Forward has the largest stock of used cars that you will be able to find out there. In fact, on Beforward, you are guaranteed to find the vehicle that you are looking for.

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